5 Easy Tips for Choosing a Label Material

5 Easy Tips for Choosing a Label Material


Not sure which label material has your product covered? Here’s a guide based on label features that are most important to you.

I need a label that’s going to…

Keep it classic…

The smooth finish of a matte white label is simple, elegant, and highly photogenic. Its permanent adhesive makes it perfect for almost any application.

Make my product pop…

If you’re counting on a label with vivid colors and sharp imagery to cut through the noise, consider a glossy white label. An excellent choice for products that live on shelves, the glossy finish will add a layer of shine to an already striking logo.

Stand the test of time (and everything else)…

Whether your product is shipped, frozen, or even submerged in ice water, a durable white film waterproof label will resist scratches, tears, and extreme termperatures for indoor product applications.

Highlight my handiwork…

From herb-infused oils to candles, an eye-pleasing product simply speaks for itself. To minimize coverage, opt for a clean, printed-on look using a clear film label with scratch-, tear-, and moisture-resistance. Well-suited for bottles and jars, this material also can withstand spills.

Pair well with my brand’s earthy image

Ideal for handmade, organic, or all-natural products, Avery’s Kraft brown label is the very definition of rustic, with a true farmers market feel. The label paper itself is made of 100% recycled material (100% post-consumer content), which socially conscious consumers will appreciate.

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