How to Brand Your Candle Line

Use labels, cards & tags to easily promote your candle business

When it comes to branding and labeling your candles, it all starts with your logo and design. And that’s likely what you’re most excited about. But there’s more to branding your new candle collection than just beautiful scents and pretty labels. You have to consider everything that goes into selling your candles including containers, packaging, and marketing materials.

Every step in a consumer’s candle buying process is an opportunity for you to build your brand. From buying and receiving the candle to opening and burning it, there are numerous branding moments you can take advantage of.

Whether you plan on hiring a graphic designer or creating your own unique artwork to brand your candle line, achieving a cohesive look across your entire line of products and marketing materials is essential. To help you out, we put together a few different ideas using Avery labels, tags, and card products to show you how easy it is to carry your brand across a variety of materials and create a cohesive marketing experience.

It’s all about the label

Obviously, the actual candle label is the most important aspect of your branding your candle line. It’s what the end-user will see while enjoying the candle as it burns.

Present a clean look with a simple logo and few colors on the candle label while adding more color & pop to marketing materials.

If your brand is the star of the show, then choose uniquely shaped or large labels that stand out on your candle jar.  If you want the beautiful colors of your candle wax to shine through, then choose a clear jar with a clear label to give you a no-label, printed-on look. Or try a small square or oval label that takes up little space and lets your candle-making skills shine through.

Add extra coordinating colors to exterior packaging and marketing materials so you don’t take away from the look and feel of your candles.

If you need a little help adhering your labels to your candles, read How to Apply Your Candle Labels Perfectly for some extra tips and tricks.

Don’t stop at the candle jar

We used a 2″ x 1-1/4″ scallop hang tag on the outside of this candle box to add a pop of color & another branding opportunity.

Whether your candles are shipped to individual customers from your online store, or they’re being bought at a shop or boutique, adding a hang tag or additional label to the outer packaging can make your candles even more appealing.

Add a custom tag to the candle itself or to the box it’s packaged in to give customers a ready-made gift. No wrapping is necessary. And again, it helps extend the brand of your candle line, as the consumer will have seen it several times before actually lighting the candle.

A 2″ x 3-1/2″ banner tag is a great way to add branding & a finishing touch to retail bags.

Hangtags come in a variety of different sizes and styles. They’re perfect for adding an extra fun touch to candle jars, bags, and boxes. Use a piece of colored twine to tie directly around your candle container or add tags to carry-out bags for retail locations.

You can also use large rectangle labels as a unique way to brand and seal your candle boxes at the same time. Once your candle is placed inside the box, simply add a custom wraparound label to the outside.

Always keep networking

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the job actively pushing sales of your candles or sitting in an airport waiting to head off to your next craft show, having professional business cards on hand that complement your brand is a must.

Business Card Books provide 25 premium cards bound in a securely covered booklet to keep cards neat & together.

A casual conversation with a nearby passenger on a bus or in a restaurant could lead to an eventual sale.  And while adding your number to their phone is easy, it’s also easily forgotten in their contact list. Beautifully printed business cards get carried home and put on the refrigerator or on a desk.

Think about adding a special offer on the back of the card to pique more interest.

Never stop promoting

Now that you’ve got your candles labeled, your packaging tied up, and your business cards printed, don’t stop. With all the online design tools available, it’s simple to create your own coordinating marketing materials. If you use the design tool from Avery, you can use the same design on your labels, cards, and tags to keep your brand consistent across your entire candle line.

Keep your brand consistent across promotional items with coordinating postcards.

Loyal customers are your best tool for bringing in new business through referrals. Coordinating postcards are a great way to offer sales through direct mail or as handouts at street fairs and farmers’ markets. Treat loyal customers to special discounts by enclosing personalized cards in completed orders. Or give your boutique owners cards to enclose with purchases or as handouts.

Simple ways to make candle labels & marketing materials

If you’re ready to start branding, packaging, and labeling, check out our Candle Design Gallery. Our graphic designers have created thousands of easy-to-customize, free templates you can choose from. Simply pick your favorite design and personalize it for your entire candle line. Or upload your own imagery. Just pick the size and shape you want, personalize and either print them yourself using Avery blank labels by the sheet or have them professionally printed by Avery WePrint.

If you want some great tips on the science of candle packing and shipping, check out these great shipping tips from our friends at CandleScience.

Good luck! We’d love to hear how you will brand your candle line.  Have your own special branding tips and tricks?  Share them with us and our readers in the comments below. Sign up for our newsletter above to get all the latest ideas for your small business.

Now for a little inspiration

Check out some of the amazing labels created by our customers using Avery WePrint and Avery printable labels.

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