Avery Label Materials

From waterproof films & glossy metallics to classic favorites like matte white or Kraft Brown paper, we have the materials you need to label it right. Choose from blank label stock you can print yourself or let us custom print your labels for you.

Blank & Custom Printed Label Materials by Avery

Are you having a hard time deciding if you should you use paper stickers or film labels for your beverages? Do you need to find labels or stickers that work on squeeze bottles or tubes or oddly shaped containers? Or do you need extra strong labels and stickers that hold up under tough conditions and extreme environments? These are all things you need to think about when choosing the right label material for your projects. And Avery makes that easy with a wide collection of versatile materials to fit your need.

From classic matte and glossy white paper to chrome polypropylene films and clear squeezable films to luxurous Estate #9 paper, Avery labels offer you a huge selection of materials to meet the needs of your products, projects or passions. Whether you're labeling bars of soap, scented candles, bottles of wine or vape cartidges for medical marijuana and cannabis, we have the perfect material for the job.

The best part of our online labels is that you can order them, personalize them and then print them yourself or let Avery WePrint custom print them for you and ship them in as few as 3 business days. It's never been easier to find the exact label material you need and to create your own personalized labels and stickers online. Order now and you get free shipping on any order of $50 or more.