Labeling Do's and Don'ts: Jarred Goods

Labeling Do's and Don'ts: Jarred Goods


To make sure your jarred goods are shelf (or gift) ready, browse our "Do vs. Don't" chart for label recommendations and reminders. Use free software, such as Avery's Design & Print, to create a label you - and your customers - love.


  • List net content according to both the metric and US customary system
  • Share batch numbers for a homemade feel. Use Avery Design & Print Online to make easy adjustments
  • Order or print small sample batches so you have an opportunity to assess how your label looks when applied
  • Include a front and back label. Reserve the front side for branding and the back side for nutritional info, ingredients, and instructions
  • Include a little something extra, such as your brand's backstory, recommendations, or recipes, on the back label


  • Don't forget to showcase what's inside your jars. Pick a glossy white label - your graphics will pop and your text will look sharp against the crisp background
  • Don't include the weight of the jar when determining net content
  • Don't stray away from durable, waterproof labels if your product needs to be refrigerated - they'll need help to combat condensation
  • Don't skimp on research. Make sure to read up on federal and state food laws to ensure your label is good to go