Clear Labels

Order printable clear labels or custom printed labels online in minutes. Our transparent waterproof films are available in a matte or glossy finish, as well as a flexible film for squeeze bottles. Print yourself or let us print your clear labels for you.

Get a no-label look with blank or custom printed clear labels

Order clear printable sheet labels or professionally printed clear labels on sheets or rolls in minutes. Whether you need personalized clear labels and stickers for products and packaging, you want to make unique wedding favors or party favors, or you just want some customized clear address labels, there's an Avery clear label for every use.

All available online, labels of this quality are few and far between. Our clear labels are made of a durable, waterproof film that is offered with a matte or glossy finish. The material is perfect when you want a no-label look. But it's also ideal for products like soaps, lotions, moisturizers, body washes & items that feature oil in their ingredients. It’s also great for chilled items like beers, juices and other products. Simply choose whether you want to order professionally printed labels or blank sheet labels you can print yourself. Avery has a variety of ways to create and order your personalized clear labels.

Get a no-label look with printable clear labels or custom printed clear labels

Order custom printed clear labels from Avery WePrint

Order premium professionally printed clear labels to make products shine

Avery WePrint, our professional printing service, offers Avery labels custom printed exactly how you want them. They're ideal for larger orders or when you need custom printed labels on rolls or sheets. We print all of our premium labels on top-of-the-line digital printers. There are no extra charges for setup or plates, and if you need a custom size no problem. We can create the exact size clear label you need for no extra cost.

Our clear labels are made of durable film that features a permanent adhesive engineered to stick and stay put. The durable material is waterproof, resistant to abrasions, sun and oils. It's also safe for the freezer and microwave oven. You can also get our clear film in a squeezable material for oddly shaped containers and squeeze bottles. Perfect for hair products, lotions and more.

Print clear labels when you need them

When you need your clear labels now or you just need a smaller quantity, our printable sheet labels are the answer. Our printable labels are available by the sheet in more than 3,100 material, shape and size combinations. Simply order your blank label sheets online, customize with our free templates and print them from an inkjet or laser printer.

Our printable clear labels are made from a durable waterproof film that also resists oil, sun and abrasions. They blend beautifully on glass bottles, jars and other containers. They're perfect for branding jarred products like lotions, candles, essential oil and more. These transparent labels are also great for decorating wedding favors, creating address labels for invitations, personalizing party favors and so much more. Available in a wide collection of sizes and shapes, you'll be able to find the perfect clear printable label for your project.

Personalize and print clear labels online

Personalize your clear labels online with free templates

Easily personalize & order your clear labels online

Simply personalize your clear labels using our professional designs or upload your own logo or personal artwork to showcase what's inside your your containers. Choose one of our free designs or use a blank template to upload your logo and information to customize your way.

Simply order your labels online and then print your clear labels from an inkjet or laser printer or have your custom printed labels delivered in as few as three business days. Whether you’re labeling jars, bags, plastic, bottles, boxes, tubes, tins and more, Avery has the right transparent label for the job. when you're all done and your labels are complete, make sure you apply your labels correctly.