What Label Shape is Right for Your Products?

How to choose the right label shape

Finding the perfect label shape that is right for your products can be a lot of trial and error. You have to measure, apply, remove and reapply until you find the perfect shape. But the Avery Label experts are here to help make it a little easier. Check out these useful tips below to help you find the right label shape for your products.

Once you’ve decided what shape you need, Avery offers you a variety of solutions to find your perfect label. You can buy custom labels from Avery WePrint, our professional printing service, or try our blank sheet labels if you want to do the printing yourself. You can order our blank labels by the sheet online in your choice of materials or try our retail packs that you can buy online or in-store.

Rectangle Labels

Rectangle product labels printed by Avery WePrint

Choose a rectangle label if:

  • Your container is elongated (think tall and thin, or short and wide)
  • You’d like your label to wrap around the container, separating your logo and other info
  • Your logo is text heavy
  • You want moderate coverage or more design space
  • You need your label to double as a seal (think jars or lidded boxes)

Order custom printed rectangle labels, blank rectangle labels by the sheet, or packs of blank rectangle labels.

Oval Labels

Avery oval sheet labels used for labeling bars of soap for sale

Choose an oval label if…

  • You don’t need of a lot of space
  • You prefer minimal coverage
  • Your container is a bottle, jar or fold-over bag
  • You want a softer, more elegant aesthetic
  • Your logo is simple, with a minimalist design
  • You want to wrap text around the border

Order custom printed oval labels, blank oval labels by the sheet, or packs of blank oval labels.

Arched Labels

arch label on bottle

Choose an arched label if…

  • You want a unique label
  • Your item is bagged with a twist top
  • You want moderate coverage
  • Your logo contains vertical imagery
  • You want a vintage aesthetic
  • You want your product to appear more premium

Order custom printed arched labels, blank arched labels by the sheet, or packs of blank oval labels.

Square Labels

Konishi Garden perfume using Avery WePrint custom labels

Choose a square label if…

  • You want to include a lot of information (large square)
  • You need a pricing/ID label (small square)
  • Your logo is detailed or elaborate
  • Your logo will include a border
  • You want modern or sophisticated look
  • Your container has a clear front and back and you’d like to separate information

Order custom printed square labels, blank square labels by the sheet, or packs of blank square labels.

Specialty Shapes

Do you want to give your products an extra special look? Avery offers a selection of labels with scalloped and flourished edges to give your products an elegant, upscale look. Choose from square, oval, rectangle, and round labels with scalloped edges.

You can also order shapes like stars and starbursts to call out specials or promotional products. Also, check out our newest printable shapes, including cigar bands, lollipop-shaped, and hexagon labels.

No matter what you need for labeling your product, Avery labels come in the size, shape and quantity you need.

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