How to Pick the Right Font for Your Labels

How to Pick the Right Font for Your Labels

The typography you use on your label communicates more than just words. The fonts, sizes, colors and even the combination of different fonts can express a mood, establish style and create an emotional connection with consumers. The design team here at Avery has put together some tips to help you pick the right font for your labels.

The difference between a typeface and font

You may hear both words used to describe the type or lettering used in design, but they are actually two different things. The typeface describes the overall design and look of the characters. They’re also referred to as a font family. In the font family are fonts—the set of characters with a specific weight, width and style. For example, Helvetica is a typeface, and in this font family are Helvetica Light, Helvetica Narrow, Helvetica Italic and other fonts.

The four groups of type.
The four groups of type. Serif, sans-serif, script and display can work together as long as they don’t compete against each other.

Categories of typefaces

There are basically four groups of type: serif, sans-serif, script and display. Serif typefaces have a little stroke or line, known as the serif, at the ends of the characters. Noticeably, sans-serif typefaces have characters without serifs. Script typefaces can be formal or casual, and are designed to appear as if they are handwritten. Display typefaces cover a wide variety of character styles, and they are generally used for headings and not intended for text copy.

The Tie Club branding label using Avery WePrint Labels
Display, sans serif and script fonts coordinated together create a sophisticated look without looking crowded on this Arched Label.

What’s your brand’s personality?

To choose the best font for you, you’ve got to know your brand. What’s the personality of your brand—is it fun, sophisticated or down-to-earth? What does your brand stand for? And how does it appeal to your target consumers?

To help pare it down, try these steps:

  1. Know your market and select fonts appropriate for your target.
  2. Pair display fonts or script fonts with simple fonts so they don’t compete against each other.
  3. Make sure your font is legible and meets regulatory standards for your product.
  4. See how different fonts work with your imagery or graphics to find out what works best together.
Amaret Wine bottle using Avery WePrint custom labels
The use of the script font for the brand name and display font for this wine label brings these elements to the forefront.

Make sure the fonts you select create the right impression for your brand. Once you get a feel for what your brand is all about, it’ll be easier to find the right font or combination of fonts. It may not pop out at your right away, so go through some options. Select a handful of fonts that might work, then narrow them down until you find what works for your products.

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