5 Packaging Tips to Help Your Products Sell

5 Packaging Tips to Help Your Products Sell


What does it take to make your handcrafted goods say, “Pick me! Pick me!”?

The perfect label.

Whether you’re selling at farmers markets and handcrafted fairs, online sites or retail stores, you can capture your customers’ attention with these five product packaging tips to help you sell your products.

1. Spotlight your brand personality

You need to create an emotional connection with your target customers, and your product packaging is the first thing they see. Whether your brand is friendly, quirky, earthy or serious, you should communicate that on your packaging. From the image and colors to the tagline and text, your product labels make an impression.

If you make pet food,  tray adorable animals to attract the attention of pet-loving customers. Or if you sell hand-poured candles, try your logo on a Kraft Brown label to showcase your handmade product line.

2. Call out what makes your product unique

Use bright call-outs for special features and benefits that make your product stand out from your competitors. So, if you use only locally grown ingredients or you have an award-winning recipe, let consumers know. Add a bold, colorful sticker or label to packaging as a simple way to shout out features that put you above the rest. Remember, however, to not overdo it. Too many colors and too much text on a label can leave consumers overwhelmed.

3. Display key information

Customers want to know what’s in your products. So make sure the required FDA information, ingredients, and other features are always displayed clearly on your labels. Any product warnings and known ingredient interactions should also be included. Also, call attention to important items customers are looking for such as whether your product is organic, gluten-free or 100% guaranteed.

4. Be visible in any direction

When you hold your product in your hand, it’s easy to rotate it and view from all angles. How about if it’s sitting on a shelf, stacked on a table or stuffed in a bin? You have to give your product packaging every opportunity to be seen from any angle with strategically placed, easy-to-read labels. Add round labels to lids and bottoms of jars when possible, and try long rectangle labels to wraparound bottles and boxes.

5. Let the quality show, inside and out

Reflect the quality of your product in the packaging. When you use premium, top-shelf materials, your customers can tell a lot about your product and the care you put into it. For instance, luxurious metallic inks provide an upscale look for high-end products. While clear film labels provide a no-label look that lets your product do all the talking.

Check out our handy material guide to see what labels would work best with your product packaging.



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