Top 10 Ways to Get Holly Jolly with Christmas Printables

How to use printable Avery templates for DIY Christmas projects

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for many, it’s also the best time to get crafty. Whether you’re an experienced “maker” or just want to add a personal touch this season, we have a free Christmas printable for you (and everyone in between).

Of course, the best part is that designing and customizing Christmas printables with Avery templates is completely free. Not only can you personalize free predesigned templates, but you can also design from scratch with our free Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO) software. Additionally, you can save projects to your free Avery account (which will store them in the cloud) and print them from any device.

You can even share saved Avery template projects with friends and family via email—for free, of course! Which is perfect for Christmas so that you can focus on sending gifts from the heart to your loved ones.

It’s so easy to start creating custom projects with hundreds of predesigned Avery templates you can personalize. Or start with a blank template for a specific Avery product when you want to upload your own artwork or design from scratch. Finish by printing your projects from home, or let us print for you with the Avery WePrint® service.

More Christmas ideas and helpful tips

Two images of Christmas cards side by side. One image shows 4 different envelopes with Avery address labels featuring Avery templates for Christmas surrounded by festive details. The other image shows the front and back of a lime green envelope close up. The front of the envelope is addressed using Avery 5160 and 8163 address labels, the back of the envelope shows a round Avery label used as a seal all. All of the labels are decorated with matching Avery templates.
Make your mailings merry with festive, printable Christmas address labels and envelope seals.

1) Printable Christmas designs for Avery 5160 address labels

Avery 5160 address labels sold by the package are, by far, the reigning champ of Christmas labels. Especially for mailing Christmas cards and sending letters to long-distance loved ones.

There are literally hundreds of Christmas templates for 5160 Avery address labels to choose from! With so many festive choices, there’s no way we could pick a favorite, but we’d love to hear yours. Shout it out on Instagram and Facebook, and let us know!

Did you know? You can autofill Avery templates with your Christmas card mailing list. Check out this video that shows you how to use the Mail Merge feature in ADPO to automatically pull all your addresses from any spreadsheet and apply one address to each label.

2) Christmas designs for bigger address labels

You’ll never go wrong with an Avery 5160 address label, but sometimes it’s fun to shake things up! Avery 8163 address labels are a little bit bigger (2″ x 4″) and can double as address labels for Christmas card envelopes or packages. 

We love using the “Cozy Lights” Avery template for the 8163 labels on Christmas card envelopes. Plus, there are so many more Christmas templates for 8163 to explore.

If you’re really in the mood to shake things up with your Christmas address labels, try shopping for blank labels by the sheet. You can get blank labels in all your favorite Avery address label sizes (or custom sizes), but you get to choose the material.

3) Printable envelope seals for Christmas cards

If you had to get just one size of label and make it work in a bunch of different ways for Christmas projects, our glossy white 2″ round labels (22807) are incredibly versatile. However, our favorite way to use them is to make personalized envelope seals for Christmas cards. No matter what kind of round Christmas labels you want to make, there are three ways to personalize them in ADPO:

  1. Create your own design from scratch on a blank template with in-software tools.
  2. Upload your own design from your computer to a blank Avery template.
  3. Browse 2″ round Christmas printables that you can modify.

Image shows three canvas aprons on a wooden farm table surrounded by festive holiday accents. On the aprons are three different Christmassy Avery templates for fabric transfers.
Try making DIY gifts for family and friends with printable fabric transfers. Aprons, tote bags, and t-shirts are all great options to personalize.

4) Personalized fabric transfers for aprons

‘Tis the season for baking! There’s something about the holidays that brings the baker out in even the most kitchen-challenged folks. Cute holiday aprons make fantastic gifts, and they’re easy to personalize with Avery Christmas printables for fabric transfers.

Did you know? Fabric transfers work differently on light, dark, and stretchy fabrics, so it's important that you match the right transfer to the material you’re working with. That's why we offer a variety of transfers designed to work with different types of fabric.

The best fabric transfer for use with common canvas aprons (like the ones you find at craft stores) is the fabric transfer for light fabrics (3271). We even have these helpful videos demonstrating how to use light fabric transfers. If you’re ready to start designing now, simply go to the matching Avery template page and click “Start Designing.” From there, you will be able to choose a blank template to design from scratch or browse by category to find cute Christmas templates for fabric transfers.

Two images side by side. Left side shows a rustic brown paper package tied up with twine. Instead of regular gift tags, the package is labeled with a printable Avery gift tag with the recipient’s photo. Right side features a pile of gifts coordinated with a navy blue, gold, tan and white color theme. All the labels and gift tags are Avery products and feature coordinated Avery templates for Christmas.
Create custom photo gift tags and labels for cohesive packages that make a beautiful gift display.

5) Free printable templates for Christmas gift tags

Year after year, photo gift tags are one of the hottest trends for Christmas gift wrapping. Our most popular printable tag (22802) is 2i inches x 3-1/2 inches, which is perfect for adding photos. While 22802 tags can be used with either laser or inkjet printers, inkjet printers usually work best for printing images with complex colors, such as photos. Another way to get amazing print quality for photo gift tags is to use our custom printing service. Start with the 22802 template, edit your design and add photos as desired, then choose “Let Us Print for You” to order custom-printed gift tags.

See how Edit One/Edit All is used to add unique elements (such as photos or names) to individual tags or cards in a single project.

Tips for making gift tags

We have a whole article dedicated to making personalized gift tags; however, there are a few quick tips that can help you get started. First, orientation matters. Tag orientation defines which direction your design goes on the tag in relation to the hole for the string. To illustrate, a tall tag has a hole on top with a portrait-style layout for image and text. A wide tag has a hole on the left with a landscape-style layout for image and text.

Secondly, you’ll need to get comfortable with the Edit One feature in ADPO to make each tag unique. For example, if you’re making Christmas tags to go on gifts for your family, then you’d want to add a different name to each tag. When you first open an Avery template, the default setting is to Edit All tags (or labels) in your project. This is great for making changes to the overall design you want to use or when you are adding names from a spreadsheet, for instance, if you were making gift tags for a whole company.

However, if you just want to add a few different family names and photos, it’s probably easier to just add them manually rather than create a spreadsheet to do a mail merge. That being the case, after you have the design the way you want it, you click the Edit One button and select each specific tag to add a unique name or photo. The video above gives you a walkthrough of this process, so you can see exactly how it’s done.

6) Galleries with matching Christmas printables

Beautifully wrapped gifts that look like they all go together without being too “matchy-matchy” make for a truly stylish display under the tree. Our gallery of predesigned Christmas templates is one way to find Christmas printables. Using the gallery, you can sort designs by product, for example, cards, tags, or labels, and then by shape. Another way to find coordinating Christmas printables is in our catalog of holiday designs.

Two images side by side. One shows 4 Avery templates for Christmas cards arranged on a festive snowy background. The other shows several packages with Avery shipping labels featuring jolly Avery templates surrounded by Christmas greenery and accents.
Send your season’s greetings with personality! Make your own custom cards and festive shipping labels.

7) Make festive shipping labels for packages

Did you know you can create personalized shipping labels for packages? Our Help Center actually has a fantastic article that walks you through the process, step by step. However, here we’re going to show you how to duplicate the theme of any of the Christmas printables in this article and add them to a shipping label. That’s right, this expert-level hack will allow you to add any Avery template to any Avery product!

  1. Find the Avery template you like; in this case, perhaps something from the Christmas template gallery.
  2. If it doesn’t come in the size you need for your shipping label, simply open the Avery template for the product it’s shown on.
  3. Immediately save the project to your Avery account.
  4. When you’re logged into your Avery account, you can apply that saved “project” to any other Avery product.

You can also use this method to apply a design you have already customized to a variety of different Avery products. For example, let’s say you find an address label design you like, but you add a graphic or change the background color. Once you’ve got the design exactly how you want it, you can save it to your account, then open the project and apply it to a round label to make a matching envelope seal. Or take it a step further and also apply the design to a printable card or gift tag.

8) Free printable Christmas cards designs to customize

Creating stunning Christmas cards is so incredibly easy with predesigned Avery templates. In fact, you can get started here with 6 quick Christmas card ideas guaranteed to spread joy to your loved ones. And, if you’re making cards for the first time or want to try a more advanced design, check out this article with our best tips for making custom cards at home.

PRO TIP: If you’re printing a large number of Christmas cards or your design has a lot of saturated colors, save money on ink and try custom-printed greeting cards. Professional printing machines can handle photographs, saturated colors, and large quantities much better than your desktop printer.
Image alt text: Two images side by side. Left image shows an Avery template for place cards accenting a rustic Christmas dinner table setting. Right image shows a Mason jar gift of hot cocoa mix labeled with an Avery template for 2.5 inch round labels.
Personalized place cards make any table setting feel special and yummy Mason jar gifts are always a hit.

9) Printable table settings for Christmas dinner

Add an extra “wow factor” to your Christmas dinner table with personalized place cards. Personalized place cards not only elevate your table visually but also create a warm, welcoming vibe. To find printable Christmas place cards, use the Avery template gallery for Christmas cards of all kinds. Simply select tent cards and then browse by size.

You may also find inspiration in our incredible list of over 50 Thanksgiving place cards you can print.

10) Templates for personalizing Mason jars and candles

Making your own unique DIY gifts in a jar and personalized candles are popular gifts every year. Oval, square, and round labels work best for most jars, but we’re singling out 2-1/2″ round labels. We especially love Avery 22562 matte white 2-1/2″ round labels because they’re the most versatile size and material for a variety of candle and Mason or Bell jar projects.

Check out the latest candle label trends, which we wrote about here, to spruce up your DIY or gift candles. We have tons of candle labels for you to get started or upgrade your candle projects, and even helpful tips for how to apply to candle labels perfectly.

What’s your favorite way to use Christmas printables?

Christmas cards, gift tags, address labels, oh my! From personalized gifts to mailing and shipping, there are so many ways to use free, printable Avery templates to add a little more pizazz to your Christmas projects. Follow us on Pinterest for more holiday wrapping trends and Christmas gift ideas you can make with Avery templates.

Did our list skip your favorite Christmas ideas? Tag your Christmas projects on Instagram with #averyproducts and change our minds!

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