10 Tips for Making the Best Christmas Card Labels

Tips for making the best christmas card labels

Everyone loves seeing a new Christmas card in their mailbox, and one of the first things people will notice is the mailing label. Make sure you have the best tools, templates, and products for creating beautiful holiday labels with these ten simple and affordable tips.

Blue envelopes labeled with customized holiday designs fanned out on a white marble surface
Turn a long mailing list into a stack of printed labels using ADPO’s mail merge and Edit All functionality.

1) Use free holiday templates for Christmas card labels

Customize your own Christmas labels by starting with one of the free holiday templates in our collection. Choose from a wide variety of designs based on the latest trends and give them your own personal touch to make them perfect.

Every element in our designs can be moved, adjusted, and customized so that you can create exactly what you need. Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO) gives you an array of design tools to add your own images, edit text, change colors, and more. Moreover, you can use ADPO to create your own holiday labels, cards and tags using Avery DIY products.

2) Save a step by using larger Christmas card labels for both addresses

Save time with a smart design. Instead of using a return address label and an address label, print both on a single large shipping label. Use one of our predesigned templates for destination and return addresses, or create your own by adding and moving text boxes in ADPO.

Watch this video for a helpful walkthrough of the Mail Merge feature in Avery Design and Print Online.

3) Create Christmas card address labels automatically with Mail Merge

Do you type out each address from your mailing list on each individual label? If you do, we have amazing news for you: A mail merge can do that for you automatically.

All you need to get started is a spreadsheet with your mailing list, which can be made in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Then upload your list with the mail merge tool in ADPO so that it can instantly create labels, cards, and more. Take a look at our article on how to mail merge in Avery Design and Print Online to find out more about this handy feature.

4) Create instant Christmas card return address labels with Edit All

Creating festive return address labels is especially easy with the ADPO Edit All feature. You can get started by browsing our collection of free templates for return address labels. Then, select your favorite design to open it on the editing screen. While you’re in “Edit All” mode (which is the default), type your return address on one label, and our software will automatically apply those changes to the entire sheet.

Card envelopes decorated with personalized holiday labels in various shapes and sizes
Try a more elegant label silhouette with scalloped labels (Avery 94267). Set the tone with clear, Kraft or foil label materials.

5) Add your own personality to your Christmas card labels

Along with the design you print on the label, the shape of the label can add more personality to your cards. Classic rectangle address labels can easily be replaced with square, round, or oval labels for a more contemporary look. Wraparound address labels create a unique look and save time by having both the address and return address on a single label.

Also, who says that return address labels need to be rectangles? While USPS definitely recommends placing the return address in the top left corner of your mail, they do not require a certain shape. For example, you can use labels in a variety of special shapes and materials to take your envelopes to the next level.

Speaking of materials, choosing different ones than plain matte white adds a lot of personality to your Christmas labels. For example, colors really pop on glossy white labels. In contrast, glossy clear labels virtually disappear on envelopes for a premium, printed-on look. Then again, white labels with a simple gold foil border add a touch of elegance to this special time of year, and Kraft brown labels are perfect for a more natural, rustic look.

Various types of mailing labels including address labels, shipping labels, round labels and wraparound labels with matching holiday label designs.
Apply your own custom holiday label designs across multiple shapes and sizes, including shipping labels, round labels, and even wraparound labels (Avery 22838).

6) Find every Christmas mailing label size, material, and quantity you need

Whether you’re shipping out gifts, cards, invitations, or more, it’s a good idea to take a survey of what size labels you’re going to need and prepare ahead of time. You can filter our mailing labels by size or shape to find exactly what you need to make your Christmas labels perfect.

Blank labels are also available in unique materials that are not available in stores. Check out all of our blank label materials here. Best of all, you can order the exact number of blank label sheets you need by choosing the option to enter a custom quantity on Avery.com. Here is a quick shopping guide for address labels by the package or by the sheet, along with quick links to start customizing a template now.

Holiday Templates
1″ x 2-5/8″
Matte White
Package for laser printers (5160)

For inkjet printers

By the sheet
View & customize
1″ x 2-5/8″
Glossy Clear
Package for laser/inkjet printers (6521)

By the sheet
View & customize
3-1/3″ x 4″
Matte White
Package for laser/inkjet printers (15264)

By the sheet
View & customize
2″ Round Glossy WhitePackage for laser/inkjet printers (22807)

By the sheet
View & customize
2″ Round Gold BorderPackage for laser/inkjet (22876)View & customize
2″ Square
Matte White
Package for laser/inkjet printers (22806)

By the sheet
View & customize
7-17/20″ x 1-3/4″
Package for laser/inkjet printers
View & customize
1-1/2″ x 2-1/2 Oval Glossy WhitePackage for laser/inkjet printers (22804)

By the sheet
View & customize
2″ x 3″ Scalloped Rectangle, Matte WhiteBy the SheetView & Customize
Quickly shop for address labels and go to the matching templates for making personalized Christmas card labels.

7) Get a coordinated look across all your Christmas labels

Our predesigned templates are often created with a full suite of products in mind to make it easier for you to create a coordinated custom look. Try browsing our holiday templates and filtering the designs by categories, shapes, and sizes to see how the same designs can be applied to different products.

You can also create your own custom design and apply it to a suite of products by using the Apply Design feature in ADPO. Take a look at our knowledge base article to learn more about how to use this feature.

A sheet of holiday address labels on a marble surface and Kraft brown envelopes with full-bleed blue address labels.
Identify Sure Feed labels by the blue strips on the sheet, like on these address labels (Avery 8160). You can also have professionally printed full-bleed designs using our WePrint service.

8) Print from home with ease using Sure Feed®

We all know that our home and office printers aren’t perfect. They can jam, sheets can slip, and your projects end up paying the price. Our products with proprietary Sure Feed technology have an extra grip strip that helps prevent jams and misalignments as the sheet passes through the printer.

9)  Let us print it for you with WePrint®

Although print-to-the-edge, full-bleed designs are beautiful, they can also use more of your printer’s ink than you’re expecting. Save your printer ink and have someone else print your Christmas card labels for you with our WePrint printing service.

Our expert team can custom print your labels to be perfectly aligned and ship them to you. All you need to do is create and submit your design to us, and we’ll take it from there. With WePrint, you can order custom-printed greeting cards, postcards, gift tags, and much more.

10) Check the mailing cutoff dates

Pay attention to Christmas shipping deadlines so that you can make sure your Christmas cards are sent out on time. Shipping and mailing cutoff dates can vary depending on the mailing service and shipping speed you choose, so it’s a good idea to check these as early as possible.

The best tips for making your own Christmas card labels

To sum things up, the label is the first thing people see when your Christmas card arrives. Make it the best it can be with a few expert tips. First of all, use free holiday templates! You can also add personality to your Christmas card labels with different size, shape, and material options. You can find every mailing label size, material, and quantity you need using filters on Avery.com label pages. Or, refer back to our handy table above.

Next, save a step by using larger labels with both the destination and return addresses. You can also save time by using the Mail Merge feature in ADPO to import all your addresses at once. Similarly, the Edit All feature saves time when you’re creating return address labels.

Choosing Avery labels with Sure Feed technology makes printing easier by helping to prevent jams and misalignments. If you want to skip printing altogether, we can even print your Christmas card labels for you. Finally, make sure that you check the mailing cutoff dates for Christmas delivery; you want to be sure that your perfectly labeled cards arrive on time.

Why not get started now?

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