8 Ways Labels Improve Your Kids’ School Day

ways labels can improve your kids day

Getting your kids prepared for school in the morning can be a real handful. You need to make sure that they’re eating breakfast, they have their homework and that their lunch bags are ready all while keeping an eye on the clock to make sure they’ll be out of the door on time. However, creating personalized labels can save valuable time before school while also helping your kids keep track of their belongings in class. Here are eight simple ways to help make your kids’ school day easier to handle.

Sandwich Bag Labels

kids labels blue green sandwich bags marker
Keep track of your kids’ lunches with these durable labels (41413)

If you have a big family it can be difficult keeping everybody’s lunches organized. These water-resistant, permanent labels are great for labeling each bag the night before so that you can quickly take them out of the fridge and sort them into bags in the morning.

Kids’ Bottle Labels

water bottle labs kids durable labels marker
Make sure your kids’ names won’t smear with durable kids’ labels (41442)

These dishwasher-safe kids’ labels are perfect for water bottles, mugs and tumblers and can stand up to conditions that would challenge standard water-resistant labels. The last thing you need to worry about is a smeared marker leaving a stain on your kids’ clothes and these labels are tough enough to handle the job.

Lunch Container Name Stickers

lunch bento box labels orange teal
Durable kids’ gear labels (41442) are also microwave-safe

If your kids need their food prepared separately due to an allergy or a nutritional restriction, these kids’ gear labels are a great way to instantly check containers at a glance.  These labels are even microwave-safe if the food needs to be heated separately.

Lunch Bag Name Labels

shark lunch bag with label maxwell
Durable kids’ labels (41442) are also permanent adhesive

Make sure your kids’ lunch bag or box doesn’t get lost with these permanent and durable labels. Lunch bags have to endure a whole load of wear and tear as they’re tossed around, stored in cubbies and brushed against walls so the right label needs to be just as tough.

Labels for Kids’ Shoes

kids shoes no iron fabric labels
Apply tags in small spaces with no-iron clothing labels (40700)

Labeling shoes are a great way to make sure they don’t get lost during daycare but they can also be educational as well. If your kids are having trouble figuring out which shoe is for the left or the right, these labels can be a great way to remind them each morning. You can also draw matching shapes or puzzle pieces for a more visual example.

Name Labels for Clothing

clothes labels for kids
No-iron labels (40700) stick permanently to fabric without peeling

Jackets, hats, mittens and all sorts of clothing can easily get lost. Make sure your kids’ clothing returns back to them so that they don’t end up in the lost and found forever. These no-iron clothing labels use a permanent adhesive that rivals fabric transfers and won’t peel or lift off.

Kids’ Iron-On Labels

iron on labels for kids clothes
Iron on custom shapes using dark fabric transfers (3279)

If you really want to take your kids’ clothing labels up a notch, you can also use dark fabric transfers to iron on name tags securely into the fabric. Cut out name tags in any shape or size and use a household iron to create tags that look professionally printed.

Click here for the kids’ name tag template for dark fabric transfers.

Kids’ Labels for Backpacks

kids backpack blue with tag
Fashion clever backpack tags using wraparound labels (22845)

Make sure teachers and pickup monitors know where your kids should be with the help of these handy backpack tags. Just loop a wraparound label through the backpack handle for a quick and easy tag.

Click here for the backpack tag template.

Extra Credit

maggie and calvin's weekly schedule for school
Make dry-erase schedules using document sleeves(72262) and leave an inspirational note using print-to-the-edge cards(8869)

Although labels are incredibly versatile, other supplies like document sleeves, business cards and more can also be given a creative touch to improve your kids’ school experience.  Slip schedules into Corner Lock® document sleeves and lock in the clear plastic cover that can be written on and erased with dry-erase markers. Business cards can also be used to print motivational notes for your kids’ lunch bags to help give them a boost in the middle of the day. Your personal touch is all it takes to turn everyday supplies into something even more special.

Click here for the weekly schedule template.

Click here for the smiley face motivational card template.

Click here for the arrow motivational card template.

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