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Apply Design to Another Project, Change Template, Move a Design to a New Product

If you have created an Avery Design & Print Online project on one Avery product, but want to change to a different product, there are a few different places you can find this option.  

Step 3 - Customize using the Change Template button at the top right. 

Or, at the lower right of Step 4 - Preview & Print, click Apply Design to Another Product.

If you have a project saved to your account at, click on the project, then click the Apply Design to Another Product link just under the Open button.

From all of these starting points, the next steps are:

1.  Find your new product from the YouPrint or WePrint options (the Quick Search near the top makes this easy) and click Select this Template2.  On Step 3 - Customize, you may need to move or resize text or images a bit

3.  Click Preview & Print and follow the steps to print or order


Note: If you are using the phone app, you will not see the options to change templates. Please access the project through a laptop or computer for this option.

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