Sharing An Avery File By Email
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Share an Avery File by Email, Send a Template, Share a Copy, Share a Project

If you saved your project to your online account, you can easily share a link of the project with a colleague or friend. Here's how:
  • Sign into you online account and go to Projects
  • Click on the project that you want to share and select Share a Copy
  • Then click Copy Link - this automatically copies the link of the project to your clipboard on your desktop computer, phone, or tablet


  • You can then paste the link in an email or message
  • When the recipient clicks on the link, the project will open in the customize screen where they can edit and save the project


  • Your original project will remain unchanged when you share a copy
  • The copy you share can be kept and edited by the recipient
  • Be careful not to share personal information
  • Once you share, you won't be able to un-share
 You can also download an avery file to your computer from the customize screen:
  1. In Customize select Save in the upper right side and click Download Avery Project File
  2. The file will download to the computer
  3. Once the file is downloaded, open your email and prepare to email the Avery file
  4. Click the paper clip attachment icon and browse to where you saved the file and click to attach
  5. Include a note that they will need to save the file to their desktop and then go to and use the Open icon at the top right to open the file.  Double-clicking will not work to open these files.
  6. Click Send.
  7. Have them save the file to their computer.
  8. Have them log into their account and hover over My Account in the top right and click Projects.
  9. Then have them click Upload Project to open the project into their account and view / edit the file.

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