Best 9 Valentine’s Day Templates to Fall For

Super cute ideas for sending cards, classroom valentines, gifting & more

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with free label templates for Avery labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Plus, Valentine’s Day-themed templates for printable Avery cards and tags. Because in this article, we’ve curated our top 10 Valentine’s Day templates that we know you’ll fall in love with. (Including plenty of tips and tricks for creating, applying, and printing your projects, too.)

See how to use Avery templates to make your own labels and more.

How to use our Valentine’s Day templates

Our online design software, Avery Design and Print (ADPO), is free and easy to use. All of which can be used whether you’re creating and printing your own stickers, labels, cards, and tags at home or having us print them for you. In fact, in ADPO, you will find blank templates and predesigned templates for every printable Avery product. Both blank and predesigned templates are designed to print perfectly on Avery labels, cards, and tags; however, there are a few differences.

Blank Avery templates

On one hand, you have blank Avery templates. On blank templates, you can use design tools and graphics from the Avery Gallery to design your own projects from scratch. You can also upload your own completed designs in the following formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PSD, EPS, TIFF, TIF, PDF, AI, and SVG.

Predesigned Avery templates

Conversely, professional graphic designers have created the predesigned Avery templates, including the Valentine’s Day templates in this article. They’re designed to give you that extra-special look but also allow you to personalize your labels, cards, and tags. This way, you start with a predesigned Avery template but can modify it with your own images, logos, graphics, text, and more.

Did you know? You can save projects to your free Avery account and print them from any device. You can even share saved projects and templates with friends and family via email!

1) Free label templates for quick and easy DIY candy heart stickers

We love DIY candy heart stickers because they work for so many Valentine’s Day activities. They’re perfect for decorating valentines for school, sealing card envelopes, or even making DIY planner stickers. If you love planning, check out this article for a complete guide to making your own DIY planner stickers.

Did you know? You can order Avery blank labels by the sheet in custom sizes too. You just choose your blank label shape and enter any size. It’s that easy.

2) Sweet Valentine’s Day label templates for Hershey Kisses® candies

Our blank 3/4-inch round labels are the perfect size for Hershey’s Kisses candies. In fact, you can order them online in convenient packages (like you would find in your local store) or shop the same labels by the sheet.

Of course, you can create personalized Hershey Kisses labels from scratch in ADPO by adding your own text, images, shapes, or graphics. We even have helpful videos like this one just for adding and editing text and this one for working with images, shapes, or graphics.

Or, try a predesigned template from our Hershey Kisses design gallery. In the gallery, you’ll find tons of cute Valentine’s Day templates, as well as templates for weddings, birthday parties, and more.

Avery 4221 3/4 inch round labels shown on pink Hershey's Kisses. The labels are printed with several pink designs including lips and the words, "BAE," and "XOXO."

Print this design on 3/4-inch round labels sold by the sheet (4221)or by the sheet (94504).

You can choose “Let Us Print for You” after designing to order custom-printed labels.

3) Avery templates for tagging Valentine’s Day gift boxes & baskets

When you’re creating personalized tags, it’s important to know about orientation. We covered orientation and much more in this article all about how to create and print personalized gift tags. However, for a quick project, you really just need to know that the orientation deals with the direction of the design in relation to where the hole is.

Here are links to predesigned Valentine’s Day templates in two different orientations. Both orientations are for designs on our most popular printable tag, Avery 22802.

Design & OrientationPrinting Details
Horizontal 22802 Valentine’s Day TemplatesDesign prints on one side with the hole on the left.
Vertical 22802 Valentine’s Day TemplatesDesign prints on both sides with the hole on top.
Browse Valentine’s Day tag templates in different orientations.
Avery 22802 and 22849 gift tags featuring a watercolor red heart and the words, "Be Mine." Each tag is personalized with "To" and "From" text.

Print these designs yourself on rectangle tag 22802 and square tag 22849.

You can also choose “Let Us Print for You” after designing to order custom-printed hang tags.

Pro Tip: For a smoother printing process, check out this help article with a short video that shows you how to print Avery products using ADPO. Or, shop Avery tags with Sure Feed® technology, which are designed to work better with the average printer.

4) Cute Avery label template for classroom treats on Valentine’s Day

The “I Chews You” bubble tape valentine is our favorite of all the fun DIY valentine ideas we’ve shared. It’s super easy to make with bubble gum tape, printable 2-1/2 inch round labels, and our simple Valentine’s Day template for 2-1/2 inch round labels.

Here’s how we created the “I Chews You” valentine, step-by-step:

  1. Open the template
  2. Click Edit All (so that changes are made to ALL the labels on the sheet)
  3. Select the text and type in “I Chews You”
  4. Take the labels off your bubble gum tape
  5. Print and apply your new label to the bubble gum tape, and fill in “To” and “From” by hand
Pro Tip: Try 2-1/2 inch round labels with TrueBlock® technology. TrueBlock covers everything underneath, so you don’t have to remove the original label first. When you buy blank labels by the sheet, you can get TrueBlock labels in any shape and size.

5) Avery template hack for easy Valentine’s Day treat bag toppers

Creating your own bag toppers for treats is so much fun. Moreover, they’re perfect for creating party bags or buying treats in bulk and repackaging them for classroom valentines. First, start with a predesigned template like our “S’more Fun” idea. You can also create your own design to match the treats of your choice. Then, print your design on small tent cards. Finally, fold the tent cards over the bag and secure with a glue stick or hot glue gun.

A bag with s'more ingredients is closed with Avery 5302 tent card. The tent card features a Valentine's Day template that reads, "Life is s'more fun with a friend like you."

Print this design yourself on small tent cards (5302). Or, order custom-printed tent cards.

You can also choose “Let Us Print for You” after designing to get this design custom-printed.

6) Create your own Valentine’s Day coupons with Avery templates

Our printable tickets with tear-away stubs are perfect for creating gift coupons for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Try adding your own coupon ideas to our favorite Valentine’s Day ticket template that we’ve linked below. You can edit each ticket individually using the Edit One button in ADPO.

Pro Tip: Once you use Edit One to edit a single ticket, the Edit All button will no longer affect that ticket. So it’s a good idea to make any edits you want to be applied to all tickets first.
Avery ticket 16154 is shown used to make a Valentine's Day "coupon" for movie night.

Print this design on blank printable tickets (16154). Or, choose “Let Us Print for You” after you’ve finished designing to order them custom-printed.

7) Best templates for personalized Valentine’s Day cards

Did you know that you can view template designs by category in ADPO? All you need is your Avery product number, then pick an orientation (tall, wide, etc.). In fact, here’s a quick cheat sheet to view all Valentine’s Day templates for some of our most popular card sizes and orientations:

Design & OrientationProduct Details
Wide 3378 Valentine’s Day TemplatesHalf-fold 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ cards
Tall 8315 Valentine’s Day Templates4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ note cards
Tall Custom-Printed Valentine’s Day TemplatesCustom-printed 5″ x 7″ greeting cards
Browse a variety of Valentine’s Day templates for different cards and orientations.

For more help finding Avery templates, check out this really useful article in our online help center. If you have trouble finding your Avery product number, this article explains how, or you can call our Customer Care Team, who are always happy to help.

8) Avery 5160 Valentine’s Day templates for sending your love

We love pairing Avery 5160 address labels with festive designs to match our greeting cards, like the simple, modern heart design shown below. If you’re like us and are all about the details, use this expert-level hack to create envelope seals that match your Valentine’s Day address labels.

  1. Open the template below by clicking “Customize”
  2. Immediately save the project to your free Avery account
  3. Under your account, go to “Projects”
  4. Click on the project you just saved
  5. Click “Apply Design to Another Product”
  6. Type “94501” in the product/template number field

The same design for 5160 labels will appear automatically resized for 2 inch round labels if you follow the instructions above. Now you can remove, edit, and resize elements of the design as needed.

Avery 5160 address labels are shown on an aqua greeting card envelope. The labels features a cute heart theme for Valentine's Day.

Print this design on Avery 5160 address labels for laser printers, or 8160 address labels for inkjet printers.

You can also order address labels the same size as 5160 in any material when you shop 1″ x 2-5/8″ blank labels by the sheet. Or, order custom-printed address labels.

9) Best Avery templates for non-traditional Valentine’s Day cards

Try a new twist on traditional valentines with cute veggie puns about love. Open any one of the templates below, click the placeholder text, and customize your Valentine’s Day message. Print on 5-1/2′′ x 8-1/2′′ greeting cards, or save your project to apply to a different Avery product.

Fall in love with one of our Valentine’s Day templates

Get started now on personalizing any project for sharing the love on Valentine’s Day. It’s so easy to start creating custom projects with hundreds of predesigned Avery templates you can customize, including the ones we’ve curated for you in this article.

Then, once you’ve customized a design, finish by printing your projects from home, or let us print them for you with our Avery WePrint® service. As a matter of fact, our professional printing machines print beautifully in any quantity, even with highly saturated images like photos.

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