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General Print Tips

  • Once you've downloaded the PDF of your project and have your print dialog open, make sure your printer is selected
  • Check that the Page or Paper Size is set correctly (8.5" x 11" for most US Products)
  • Make sure the Scale is set to 100 or that Actual Size is selected. You may need to select More Settings to see these options if you opened the PDF in your browser
  • Change the Media or Paper Type to either Label, Heavyweight, Cardstock, or Photo. If you cannot find these settings, check your printer preferences or properties. In some browsers you may need select print using system dialog for these options
  • Change the Quality to Best or High
    • If you do not have these options, we highly recommend feeding one sheet at a time and creating a separate print job for each sheet
  • If you still notice a shift when printing, you can use the Adjust Print Alignment tool in the Preview step to nudge the template
  • If you are printing from Microsoft Word, you can slide the margins using the Ruler feature to make adjustments (click the View tab, then click to see the Ruler)

How to Feed the Sheets

  • Fan the sheets before putting them in
  • Be sure not to over-fill the tray (only 1/2 or 3/4 capacity)
  • Gently snug the paper guides to the edges of the labels or cards
  • If you're only printing a few sheets, place 20 or so sheets of plain paper underneath
  • If the printer is feeding more than one sheet, we would recommend feeding one sheet at a time

Other Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check that you have the most updated drivers and firmware download for your printer. Outdated drivers can affect print accuracy. Please refer to your printer manufacturer's website.
  • Clean your multipurpose or lower cassette tray where you place your labels
    • Use canned air to blow off any dirt or paper fibers from previous use
    • Use tissue paper or paper towel to wipe down paper guides which may have adhesive residue and wipe down the rest of the tray that the paper will touch to remove remaining dirt
  • Templates with borders and inner shapes can be difficult to align with a home printer and we would recommend avoiding these designs when possible
  • Try printing from a different device. If you printed from a desktop, try printing from a laptop or vis versa.
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