Top 10 Avery Templates for Valentine’s Day

Super cute ideas for sending cards, classroom valentines, gifting & more

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with free label templates for Avery labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Plus Avery templates for printable cards and tags.

Our online design software (Avery Design and Print) is free and easy to use. Whether you’re creating and printing your own stickers, labels, cards, and tags at home, or having us print them for you.

In Avery Design and Print, there are blank templates and predesigned templates for every printable Avery product.

With blank Avery templates you can:

  • Use design tools and graphics from the Avery Gallery to design your own projects from scratch
  • Upload your own completed designs in the following formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PSD, EPS, TIFF, TIF, PDF, AI and SVG

Predesigned Avery templates are:

  • Professionally designed by graphic designers
  • Customizable with your own images, logos, graphics, text and more

Projects can be saved to your free Avery account and printed from any device.

Did you know? You can even share saved projects and templates with friends and family via email!

In this article, we’ve curated the 10 best Avery templates to help you share the love on Valentine’s Day. (With plenty of tips and tricks for creating, applying, and printing your projects.)

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Two images side by side showing Avery templates for Valentine’s Day on different shaped labels. One image shows heart-shaped stickers on an envelope and the other shows small round labels on Hershey’s kisses.
Make your own Valentine’s Day stickers. Shop printable heart-shaped and round labels by the sheet to explore a variety of colors, materials and sizes.

1) Free label templates for quick and easy DIY candy heart stickers

We’re obsessed with this heart-shaped template to print your own candy heart stickers. They’re perfect for decorating classroom valentines, sealing card envelopes, or even decorating your planner.

Add your own sayings, or print as-is on these large heart-shaped labels.

Did you know? You can order Avery blank labels by the sheet in custom sizes too? You just choose your blank label shape and enter any size. It’s that easy.

2) Sweet Valentine’s Day label templates for Hershey Kisses® candies

Our blank 3/4 inch round labels are the perfect size for Hershey Kisses candies. You can order blank 3/4 inch round labels in convenient packages, or shop them by the sheet.

Start with the blank Avery template for 3/4 inch round labels. Then choose your design from our Hershey Kisses design gallery, perfect for Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthday parties, and more.

Or create personalized Hershey Kisses labels from scratch in Avery Design and Print Online by adding and editing text and images, shapes or graphics

Two images of Avery products with Valentine’s Day messages. One image shows personalized pink and red gift tags on a table surrounded by heart-shaped candies. The other shows bubble tape candy on a pink background with a label that reads “I Chews You.”
Personalizing gift tags and labels is easy using Edit One and Edit All in Avery Design and Print Online. Make changes to individual tags and labels or the whole sheet.  

3) Avery templates for tagging Valentine’s Day gift boxes & baskets

Blank Avery templates for tags come in various orientations depending on the direction of the design and where the hole will be.  

Explore Valentine’s Day templates for our most popular printable tag (22802) in both layouts:

Pro Tip: For a smoother printing process, watch a short video that shows you how to print Avery products using Avery Design and Print Online. Or shop Avery tags with Sure Feed™ technology, which are designed to work better with the average printer.

4) Modern square Avery templates for Valentine’s Day gift tags

This cute pink square gift tag design is our favorite square Avery template for Valentine’s Day. It’s adorable, modern, and easy to use with our printable square gift tags.

Check out more square Avery templates for Valentine’s Day, and get creative with custom-printed square business cards you can use for a variety of projects.  

5) Cute Avery label template for classroom treats on Valentine’s Day

We’ve got so many great DIY valentine ideas, but the “I Chews You” bubble tape valentine is our favorite. It’s super easy to make with this versatile Valentine’s Day template for 2 1/2 inch round labels

Here’s how we created the “I Chews You” valentine, step-by-step:

  1. Open the template
  2. Click Edit All (so that changes are made to ALL the labels on the sheet)
  3. Select the placeholder text and type in “I Chews You”
  4. Remove existing bubble tape labels
  5. Print and apply the label to bubble tape gum and fill in “To” and “From” by hand

Pro Tip: Try 2 1/2 inch round labels with Trueblock® technology. Trueblock covers everything underneath so you don’t have to remove the original label first. When you shop blank labels by the sheet you can get Trueblock labels in any shape and size.

Two images side by side. One side shows chocolate, graham crackers and a big heart-shaped marshmallow in a bag with a printable table tent card used as a bag topper. The printed message reads “Life is S’more fun with a friend like you.” The other images shows someone tearing off a stub from a printable Avery ticket. The ticket is printed with a coupon for one movie night.
Get creative with Valentine’s Day gifting. Create your own treat bags or personalized coupons.

6) Avery template hack for easy Valentine’s Day treat bag toppers

Small tent cards double for creating your own bag toppers for treats. Start with a predesigned template like our “S’More Fun” idea, or create your own design to match the treats of your choice. 

Great for creating party bags, or buying treats in bulk and repackaging for classroom valentines.

7) Create your own Valentine’s Day coupons with Avery templates

Our printable tickets with tear-away stubs are perfect for creating gift coupons for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Try adding your own coupon ideas to our favorite Valentine’s Day ticket template. You can edit each ticket individually using the Edit One button in Avery Design and Print Online.

Pro Tip: Once you use Edit One to edit a single ticket, the Edit All button will no longer affect that ticket. So it’s a good idea to do any edits you want to be applied to all tickets first.

Two images on pink backgrounds with beautiful fresh flowers. Left image shows a Valentine’s Day card made with a predesigned Avery template. Right image shows an aqua colored card envelope with printed Valentine’s Day address labels.
Send love near or far with personalized Valentine’s Day cards and Avery address labels.

8) Best templates for personalized Valentine’s Day cards

Did you know? You can view template designs by categories in Avery Design and Print Online. All you have to do is know your product number and pick an orientation (tall, wide, etc.).

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to view all Valentine’s Day templates for some of our most popular card sizes and orientations:

9) Avery 5160 Valentine’s Day templates for sending your love

Use festive designs for your Avery address labels to match any occasion. We love this simple, modern heart design for classic Avery 5160 address labels.

Use this expert-level hack to create matching 2 inch round envelope seals using the same design:

  1. Open the template above
  2. Immediately save the project to your free Avery account
  3. Under your account, go to “Projects”
  4. Click the project you just saved
  5. Click “Apply Design to Another Product”
  6. Type in the “94501” in the product/template number field

The same design will appear automatically re-sized for 2 inch round labels. You can remove, edit and resize elements of the design as needed.

Three white cards on a pumpkin-orange background with bell peppers and herbs as accents. Each card reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” then has a different vegetable with a pun about love.
Do something fresh for Valentine’s Day with a quirky, unexpected design. You can edit and modify any predesigned template in Avery Design and Print Online.

There is a carrot card that reads, “I Carrot ‘Bout You,” a beet card that reads, “My Love for You Can’t Be Beet,” and a tomato card that reads, “I Love You from My Head To-Ma-Toes.”

10) Best Avery templates for non-traditional Valentine’s Day cards

Try a new twist on traditional valentines with cute veggie puns about love. Open any one of the templates below, click the placeholder text and customize your Valentine’s Day message.

Print on 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ greeting cards, or save your project to apply to a different Avery product.

Fall in love with one of our Valentine’s Day templates

Get started now personalizing any project for sharing the love on Valentine’s Day. It’s so easy to start creating custom projects with hundreds of predesigned Avery templates you can customize.

Finish by printing your projects from home, or let us print for you with our Avery WePrint service. Our professional printing machines print beautifully at any quantity, even with highly saturated images like photos.

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