10 Thoughtful DIY Gifts that Teachers will Actually Use

Free templates for clever and easy DIY teacher gift ideas

There’s no better way to show appreciation to dedicated teachers than with a thoughtful, handmade gift. Yet, you can make your DIY teacher gifts even more special with personalized Avery labels, cards, and tags. Thoughtful teacher gifts not only reflect the unique bond between teachers and students but also show that you’ve put effort into the gift.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up our favorite customized do-it-yourself teacher gifts, using Avery labels, cards, and tags. So get ready to unleash your creativity and make a lasting impression with these heartfelt and handmade tokens of appreciation.

Turn useful supplies into DIY teacher gifts

1) You added color to the school year

Avery UltraFine colorful permanent markers are shown with a card that reads "You added so much color to the school year! Thank you!" with a rainbow.

Print for yourself on Clean Edge® printable business cards.

Choose product 8869 if you have an inkjet printer, or product 5871 if you have a laser printer.

Or, order custom-printed 2″ x 3.5″ cards.

When gifting teachers, consider that they continually need a fresh supply of materials throughout the year. Ultra-fine permanent markers make a great teacher gift because they’re great for art projects and using in a teacher planner.

To recreate this DIY teacher gift idea, start with permanent markers in assorted colors, then combine them with a handwritten or printed message. We started with Avery permanent markers (9231) because of the vibrant, bold colors and ultra-fine tips that bring details to life. Then, we used Avery 8869 business cards (which are great for craft projects like this) for printing our message. However, you could use one of our hundreds of free designs to create your own personal gift tags too.

2) Being in your class has been the highlight of my year

Clever DIY teacher gift made with a pack of highlighters. Shown Avery Hi-Liters packs 24063 and 23585 with an index card taped to the front that reads, "Being in our class has been the highlight of my year! Thanks for being a great teacher!"

Print this design on Avery 3″ x 5″ index cards (5388) using a laser or inkjet printer.

Learn more about why choosing the right printer matters for printing labels, cards, and tags and why some Avery products work with both.

While Avery labels go back to 1935
, Avery Hi-Liters®, the original highlighter, made its debut in 1963. Indeed, it’s enduring popularity makes it a great addition to your DIY teacher gifts. Moreover, the vibrant fluorescent inks used in Avery Hi-Liters are ACMI-certified, non-toxic, and perfect for lesson planning and other classroom uses.

To make this gift, first, write or print a bright and uplifting message on an index card. Then attach the card to the Hi-Liter pack of your choice. We chose our printable 3″ x 5″ index cards (5388) and packs of assorted Hi-Liters in two different barrel styles. Desk-style Hi-Liters (24063) have a traditional wider barrel, and pen-style Hi-Liters (23585) have a slimmer barrel that is closer to the size of a pen.

3) You have made a mark on my life

Avery index cards 5388 read, "You have made a mark on my life that can never be erased! Thanks for being a great teacher!" Each card has an Avery Marks A Lot dry erase marker attached.

Print this design on Avery 3″ x 5″ index cards (5388) using a laser or inkjet printer.

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Ask any teacher, and they will tell you that they always need more dry erase markers. Since they are essential, our assorted pack of Marks-A-Lot® dry erase markers (24432) is the perfect practical choice for a DIY teacher gift. In the example above, we split up an assorted pack of six vibrant colors and attached an index card with a personalized message to each one. Another great idea would be to gift the whole package with just one card attached.

Like our Hi-Liters, our dry-erase markers are ACMI-certified as nontoxic, so they’re safe to use in the classroom. What’s more, these markers have bold, bright ink that glides as you write and are low-odor for a better experience.

DIY gift ideas to give teachers a treat

4) Thanks a latte for a great school year

Cute DIY teacher gift idea for coffee lovers. A reusable iced coffee traveler filled with coffee beans to hide a Starbucks gift card inside. A git tag with a cartoon coffee cup character that reads, "Thanks a latte for a great school year!" is on the outside.

Print this design on Avery 22802 tags using a laser or inkjet printer.

Alternatively, choose “Let Us Print for You” after finishing your design to order custom-printed tags.

Acknowledge the energy that keeps educators going by gifting them a tasty cup of coffee. Create your DIY teacher gift with a gift card from a local coffee shop for convenience, complemented by a reusable coffee tumbler. Not only is it a sustainable and functional present, but you can make it feel even more special with some decorative details. For example, you can fill the cup with coffee beans (which smell amazing) and hide the gift card inside, then add a personalized gift tag.

It’s actually very easy to create and print your own personalized gift tags, and they’re a great addition to any present. You can even use our Mail Merge tool to quickly import a list of teacher names from a spreadsheet to each individual tag! We chose the Avery 2″ x 3-1/2″ tag (22802) because the larger size complemented our reusable cup. However, the larger size is also the best choice for longer messages since there’s more space to make the font large enough to be easily read.

5) Thanks for helping us grow

Avery printable business cards 28878are used to make a DIY plant tag for a cute mini succulent. The card reads, "Thanks for helping me grow"

Print for yourself on Clean Edge® printable business cards.

Choose product 8869 if you have an inkjet printer, or product 5871 if you have a laser printer.

Or, order custom-printed 2″ x 3.5″ cards.

Consider a timeless and nature-inspired DIY gift for teacher appreciation. Potted plants not only look good but also serve as a symbol of growth and care. Opting for succulents adds a practical touch since they’re known for their low maintenance and resilience.

To complete the presentation of your succulent gift, pair it with a personalized card. Just this simple addition makes a huge difference and is easy to do with our free template and easy-to-print cards. To make our DIY plant tag, we printed our message on Avery 8869 business cards, then sandwiched a skewer between two so that the design is on both sides. We used hot glue for this project, but you could also use white glue or double-sided tape.

6) For a very POP-ular teacher

A Mason jar gift idea for teachers shows several jars filled with popcorn and labeled with a vintage movie popcorn-themed label. Two labels read, "For a very POP-ular teach," and the other reads "Thanks for a picture perfect year."

Print the square designs on 2″x2″ square (22816) for laser or inkjet printers.

Print the wide design on wraparound (22838) jar labels.

Charming popcorn jars make a delightful and thoughtful DIY teacher gift. These inexpensive and easy-to-make gifts can be paired with movie tickets or a gift card to inspire your favorite teacher to take a well-deserved night out. Gift cards for movie streaming services are also another great idea to add to your popcorn jar gift. We used square and wraparound labels to add a personalized message to the popcorn jars. However, there are a variety of ways to make unique Mason jar gifts, which you can read about here.

Create your own DIY teacher gifts to say thanks

In short, it’s easy to elevate your DIY teacher gifts with personalized messages. For example, you can add a message to just about anything with Avery labels, cards, and tags. Just use our free online software (Avery Design and Print Online) and free designs to create your own heartfelt message. Then, use our printable and custom-printed products to bring them to life. Not to mention, Avery school supplies are always a home-run gift idea for teachers. Whether it’s ultra-fine permanent markers, vibrant Hi-Liters, or everyday essential dry erase markers, your teacher will be happy to have more supplies.

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