Thirteen Party Planning Hacks for Halloween

WARNING! These Halloween party hacks make planning so easy to do, it’s scary. But you know what that means – more time for you to prepare other fun goodies, like creepy foodstuffs with eyeballs and perhaps a magic potion bar. Check out these tips and tricks to help you get this fright night party startled… and started!

  1. Start with a party theme. Whether it’s a monster bash, creepy crawly celebration or ghouls’ night in, choosing a central idea can help tie all your party elements together.
  2. Design your own invitations. You don’t have to be a designer to create professional-looking invitations. Get free templates on Avery Design & Print, customize with your party details such as date, time and place, and print on postcards.
  3. Make an invite list. Gather names and addresses for your invitations. Enter them on a spreadsheet, do a mail merge with Avery Design & Print and print their mailing info the same time you print the invites!
Halloween Party Cards with Raven

Invitations to die for! Get the print-to-the-edge look with professionally printed postcards from Avery WePrint or with Avery Matte White Postcards (8387).

  1. Get a head count. Adding an RSVP to your invites can help determine how many guests to expect, the number of supplies to make and amount of food and drinks to serve.
  2. Personalize your party supplies. Did you know with Avery Design & Print you can add your own images to your design? Whether you’re designing cards, labels or tags, all you do is start with a pre-designed or blank template and import images from your computer, Instagram, Google Photos or other sources.
Halloween Party Glass Bottles with Labels

Pick your potion! Get creative with personalized Oval Labels (22820) and other specialty shapes.

  1. Coordinate the look. Want the design theme from your invites to match your buffet cards, treat stickers and other party supplies? There’s a nifty shortcut in Avery Design & Print that lets you “Apply Design to Another Product” so you don’t need to recreate your design from scratch. You’ll find it on the Preview & Print screen, under Print Options.
  2. Plan the menu. Get your gruesome grub on! The party theme sets the tone for the party, and above all, what to eat and drink. For a dinner party or a casual get-together, guests will get into the spirit when you tie in your food and beverages to fit the theme.
  3. Identify the ingredients. Halloween is not all about the candy. Offering a mix of sweet and savory foods can satisfy those with a sweet or salty tooth. Create custom tent cards to identify the food (or come up with a name for your creation to fit the party theme) and even call out specific ingredients for those with food allergies.
Halloween Party Cookies and tent cards

It’s bite night! Can these Avery Tent Cards (5302) predict the future? Make them yourself or save ink and order from Avery WePrint.

  1. Oh, we’re not done with tent cards yet! They’re great for games, too—use them to provide clues for a murder mystery or a scavenger hunt, or pass them out for a game of “guess who.”
  2. Speaking of fun and games, scoot over, tent cards—because tickets are also here to play. They’re easy to customize and each one has a detachable ticket stub. Great for promoting a costume party, entry to a haunted house or as drink tickets.
Halloween Party metal skull and tickets

We’re here for the creepfest! Create tickets with white border trim using Avery Tickets (16154) or get the print-to-the-edge look when you order from Avery WePrint.

  1. Package up some party favors. Give your guests a parting gift to show your appreciation. And for an extra-special touch? Personalize each gift with the guest’s name on a label or tag.
  2. Make your labels into multitaskers. Using labels to decorate your invites? Print a few extra to decorate your favor bags. Got a batch for cupcake toppers? Create fun labels for beverage bottles. There are plenty of ways to make sure each label goes to good use.
  3. Let us do the printing for you. Got too much going on? No need to freak out. Avery WePrint™ can take care of printing your invitation postcards, tent cards, food and beverage labels and even favor stickers. No set-up fees, low minimum order quantities and delivery in as few as three business days. It’s a scream come true.