12 DIY Baby Onesie Templates to Celebrate All Year

Celebrate the whole year with fun templates for DIY baby onesies

We all know how delightful it is to see babies dressed in cute outfits, but did you know you can make them yourself? Avery makes it simple to create custom onesies with helpful tools, printable fabric transfers, and precious baby onesie templates.

Make sure your new bundle of joy is dressed to impress all year long with these fun Avery templates for baby onesies.

More tips to make your creative projects a success:

How to get started printing your own fabric transfers

To create your own DIY baby onesies, you’ll need:

  • An inkjet printer
  • A smart device
  • Internet connection
  • A free Avery account
  • Printable fabric transfers

Before starting, it’s important to match the right fabric transfer to the material you’re working with to get the best results.

Quick guide to choosing a transfer based on fabric

Color &


100% Cotton

Cotton blend



Synthetic blend


100% Cotton

Cotton blend


100% Cotton

Cotton blend

Quickly find the right Avery fabric transfer for the onesie you’re using.

The next step is to make sure that your smart device is connected to your inkjet printer and the internet. It’s important to only use fabric transfers with inkjet printers as the heat from laser printers can melt the transfers!

Once that’s settled, log in or create a free Avery account to use our Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO) software. ADPO allows you to edit, print, and save Avery templates at no cost. Not only is the software free, but there is nothing to download or install.

Finally, choose a baby onesie template to start designing and enjoy getting creative!

1) Cozy “Baby Bear” printable template

This “baby bear” onesie will have you snuggling up to your little one on those cold winter nights. And don’t forget about the rest of the family! Our “papa bear” and “mama bear” templates are perfect for matching family pajamas.

Image showing a green winter-themed pajama set made with Avery fabric transfer that reads “baby bear” under a polar bear cub.

Watch our informative video on how to design and print dark fabric transfers to get flawless results on your project. You can also learn more about applying transfers with an iron or heat press.

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2) Simply sweet candy heart onesie

Get ready for the sweetest treat this Valentine’s Day. Candies and chocolates can’t compare to seeing your little cutie pie in this adorable heart-themed onesie. 

Image showing white baby onesie with made with an Avery Valentine’s Day template of a pink heart that reads “cutie pie.”

This template also works great with printable fabric sheets, which can be used to make decorative patches for clothes, quilts, bags, and more.

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3) “Lucky Charm” for St. Patrick’s Day

Of course, you can’t celebrate St. Paddy’s Day without something green. This baby onesie template with a green shamrock works wonderfully while also letting you show off your greatest fortune: your little lucky charm.

Image showing St. Patrick’s Day baby outfit with a shamrock fabric transfer design that reads “Lucky charm.”

Dark fabric transfer sheets are made with a solid, opaque material so it’s best to trim around the printed image or text for a clean finish.

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4) “Bee Positive” baby onesie template

Time for some positive vibes. The bright colors and inspiring message on this punny onesie are a lovely way to welcome the spring season.

Image showing a white onesie with a colorful baby onesie template that reads “bee positive.”

Looking for more exciting ways to celebrate spring? In that case, check out more creative spring ideas you can make yourself or with the whole family.

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5) Baby onesie template for Mother’s Day

Show off what your mama gave ya with the “I got it from my mama” printable template. This endearing onesie will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, especially mom.

Image showing Mother’s Day baby onesie that reads “I got it from my mama.”

No need to worry about cutting the perfect circle for this template when you use die-cut fabric transfers. These transfers are available in 3” and 7.5” round diameters, as well as other shapes and sizes.

Order 3” round diameter die-cut dark fabric transfers (2232)

6) ” Hello Summer” baby onesie template

These colorful summertime templates are fantastic for fun days in the sun. Choose one image for your onesie, like the “hello summer” text, or combine two or more for a unique design that’s all your own.

Image showing a DIY onesie made with an Avery printable fabric transfer that reads “hello summer” in colorful font.

Don’t want to use every image in this template? Click on the element you don’t want then press the delete button on the top navigation bar.

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7) All-American DIY baby onesie design

What’s the 4th of July without some red, white and blue? Have baby rock the patriotic color scheme with this scrumptious baby onesie template perfect for your backyard barbeque.

Image showing a baby onesie with a 4th of July template of red, white and blue popsicles and font that reads “Happy 4th of July.”

Want to change the text in this template? To edit, just click on the text box and replace the words with whatever message you want. You can also add another text box using the text tool on the navigation bar.

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8) “Happy Camper” printable template

Ready to explore nature with your little camper? Then embrace the great outdoors with this adorable baby onesie template fantastic for a first camping trip or nature hike.

Image showing white baby snapsuit  with a cute campsite graphic and font that reads “happy camper.”

Get the best results by watching our helpful video demos for Avery stretchable fabric transfers. Learn tips on everything from design and printing to application and care.

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9) Out-of-this-world DIY template

It’s never too early to start teaching the importance of curiosity, creativity, and determination. Encourage your little one to “Reach for the stars” with these exciting, space-themed designs.

Image showing green snapsuit with an Avery baby onesie template that reads “reach for the stars.”

While you can add or edit the text in text boxes, text that is part of the image (like in this template) is not editable. You can, however, rearrange, resize, or change the color of any image.

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10) Glow-in-the-dark jack o’lantern face

Here’s one DIY Halloween costume that’s so cute it’s scary! Pair this classic design with Avery glow-in-the-dark fabric transfers for an added element perfect for a night of trick-or-treating.

Image showing baby onesie with Halloween template of a jack-o-lantern face printed on a glow-in-the-dark fabric transfer.

Need more Halloween projects? Get your DIY spook on with these wicked-cool Halloween templates.

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11) Gratitude baby onesie template for fall

We’re in love with this adorable Thanksgiving onesie! After all, when you have family, friends, and cute little babies in your life, “there’s always something to be thankful for.”

Image showing custom DIY baby onesie with a Thanksgiving template that reads “there’s always something to be thankful for.”

Learn more about how to use Avery light fabric transfers by watching our helpful YouTube videos. You can also subscribe to our channel to find more tutorials on other Avery products and tools.

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12) Holiday snowman baby onesie template

Get into the holiday spirit with this delightful snowman template printed on a glitter fabric transfer. You’ll love how the shimmer and shine of these transfers give the design a beautiful festive touch.

Image showing a pink baby onesie with a holiday template of a snowman and text that reads “Happy Holidays” printed on a glitter fabric transfer.

Looking for more snowman graphics? The Avery gallery has hundreds of holiday clip art and images, including other snowmen, you can use to create your own unique baby onesie template.

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Personalize your DIY baby onesie projects with Avery

Whether you plan to make custom onesies for a loved one that’s expecting or for your own little bundle of joy, we hope this article gives you the tools and inspiration you need to get started.

We’re also here to help you every step of the way! Visit our dedicated page for helpful fabric transfer demos and detailed instructions. Or find answers to your fabric transfer questions in the Avery Help Center.

And of course, our expert Customer Care Team is always here to help. Give them a call at (800) 942-8379 or leave a comment with your question below.

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