Fabric Transfers

Now you can add the design you want to shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and more with Avery Fabric Transfers. Just personalize, print and apply with an iron.


Choose the fabric transfer that matches your material: light-colored or dark-colored cotton or cotton/polyester blends, or white stretchable synthetic or synthetic blends.
Light Fabric Transfer 3271 (pack of 6)
Light Fabric Transfer 3275 (pack of 12)
Light Fabric Transfer 8938 (pack of 18)
Dark Fabric Transfer 3279 (pack of 5)
Stretchable Fabric Transfer 3302 (pack of 5)


Get a quick overview on how easy it is to create our heat-transfer fabric transfers and apply onto a variety of fabrics. When you’re ready to do it yourself, please follow the detailed instructions included in every pack.
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Customizable Designs

Choose from hundreds of design templates, or upload your own design, photo and text. See designs available by product on Avery Design & Print.
Light Fabric Transfer Designs
Dark Fabric Transfer Designs
Stretchable Fabric Transfer Designs


Download the instruction sheet for your Avery Fabric Transfer product. You must have Adobe® Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
Light Fabric Transfer Instructions
Dark Fabric Transfer Instructions
Stretchable Fabric Transfer Instructions
Inkjet Printable Fabric Instructions

Quick Tips

No flipping of the printed image is necessary with Dark Fabric Transfers. You won’t have to do the flipping—Avery Design & Print will flip the image for you. We suggest printing a test page of your design on plain paper to make sure the image and text are flipped when printed.

If you have allowed the image to cool for several minutes, continue to iron the spots that are lifting up with the backing paper still on for 30-40 seconds. Allow the transfer to cool again for the designated time, then try to peel the backing paper from the transfer again.

If you are having trouble peeling off the backing paper (the paper with the Avery logo), try slightly tearing the edge (just the paper only) to help start the peeling process.

  • First, grip the edge of the transfer and very gently bend the sheet until the backing paper tears slightly.
  • The transfer may stretch a little but SHOULD NOT tear if only gentle force is applied.
  • Remove the paper backing starting at the tear.

For ribbed or stretchy garments, use Avery Stretchable Fabric Transfers (3302). This product is perfect for white or light-colored stretchable synthetic fabrics or synthetic blend fabrics.

Ironing times vary according to the size of your transfer. We recommend 3 minutes for a full-page transfer, 2 minutes for a half-page transfer and 1 minute for a quarter-page transfer.

  1. Make slow, 20-second passes across the transfer, from left to right.
  2. Make slow, 20-second passes across the transfer, from top to bottom. Use enough overlapping passes to cover the image entirely.
  3. Allow your garment to cool for 2 minutes before peeling away the ironing tissue.