10 Best Avery Templates for Halloween

Wicked-cool free Avery templates for DIY projects in the spirit of the season

Halloween brings out the DIY spirit in crafting wizards and newcomers alike. Printable Avery templates are the not-so-scary way to take your DIY Halloween projects to the next level.

Every Avery template on this list is free and can be personalized with our free Avery Design and Print Online software. Projects can be saved to your free Avery account and printed from any device. Did we mention, it’s free? You can even share projects with friends and family via email.

Whether you’re printing at home, or having us print for you, it’s so easy to start creating custom projects with Avery Templates. You can upload your own artwork or design from scratch using a blank template for specific Avery products. Or choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates you can personalize.

In this article we’ve curated the 10 best Avery templates to make your Halloween projects a howling success.

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Products, tips and demos for creating your own fabric transfers

Try something new! If you love Avery 5160, try shopping 1″ x 2-5/8″ blank labels by the sheet for a wide variety of material choices. Explore custom-printed name tags & name badges for your next event.

1) Avery 5160 Halloween templates for spooky mailing

Avery address labels are what we’re known for, and Avery 5160 are the undisputed ruler of them all. These versatile 1″ x 2-5/8″ white paper labels are beloved by users for everything from labeling Ball and Mason jars to product branding to making party decorations and crafts.

And of course, addressing envelopes. There’s so many awesome Avery 5160 templates for Halloween address labels that we couldn’t pick just one. If you have a favorite, share with us on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to know!

2) Bold and batty Avery template for personalized name badges

While all the Avery templates for Halloween name tags are pretty cool, our favorite one for Halloween is a bold bat design. Designed for printing on blank white name badges, it’s great for parties as well as school, or community events where you want staff/volunteers to stand out.

Did you know? The Avery “Hello My Name Is” name tag is not just classic, it’s downright iconic. It’s been featured in tons of TV and movies, and we even have a fabric transfer template to make your own “Hello My Name Is” t-shirt.

Create your own personalized outfits for Halloween season with printable fabric transfers.

3) Cute little creepers, Halloween Avery templates for baby

Creepers, diaper shirts or snapsuits— whatever you call them, decorating baby clothes for different holidays is so much fun. The best product to use for baby creepers is the fabric transfer for stretchy fabrics.

The best Avery templates for Halloween creepers are “Little Boo!”, and a classic jack o’ lantern face. Both of these delightful Halloween templates are designed to work perfectly with Avery stretch fabric transfers.

Did you know? Fabric transfers work differently on light, dark and stretchy fabrics. Avery templates for fabric transfers are designed to work best with each type of fabric. It’s important that you match the right transfer to the material you’re working with.

4) “Momster” Avery template for DIY Halloween t-shirts

Every mom needs a “Momster” tee. Whether you’re into classic pumpkin orange or as obsessed with the pastel Halloween trend as we are, that’s the beauty of creating your own. The “Momster” Avery template is designed to work perfectly with stretch fabric transfer products.

Take a tour of all the Halloween-themed Avery templates for stretch fabric transfers.

Blank Avery templates for sticker project paper and fabric transfers give you endless design and shape options for your projects. Great for use with home die-cut machines!

5) DIY festive hand-sanitizer labels for Halloween

We made “Germs Are Scary” sanitizer labels with clear 8-1/2″ x 11″ sticker project paper and the matching blank Avery template. All we did was open the blank Avery template, add a shape and choose from fonts included in the Avery Design and Print Online software.

Did you know? There are blank Avery templates for every printable product we offer. To find them you go to the template finder and enter your product number. It’s that easy.

6) Avery templates for decorating DIY Halloween face masks

Blank Avery templates for light and dark fabric transfers are the best for decorating face masks. Each fabric transfer sheet is 8-1/2″ x 11″ so you can create multiple custom-shaped designs on one sheet.

We chose a variety of Halloween graphics from the graphics library in Avery Design and Print Online. We added the graphics to blank Avery templates for light and dark fabrics, printed them on the matching products, then cut them out for application.

Personalize your party at home with printable tags and 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ postcards with hundreds of free Avery templates to choose from.

7) S’more boos please, Avery templates for treat tags

Everybody loves a treat bag, and who could resist these cute tags for ghost s’mores? Find the perfect printable Halloween tag template to add to treats, décor or “You’ve Been Booed” gifts.

8) Pumpkins and stripes Halloween party invitation postcards

Postcards are perfect for short and sweet party invitations, or printing on both sides to include more information. The Avery template for a pumpkin-carving party is our favorite because it’s easy to customize for any party with your own text. The classic black and white theme with pumpkins is super versatile.

PRO TIP: If you’re printing a large amount of invitations or your design has a lot of saturated colors, save money on ink and try custom-printed invitations. Professional printing machines can handle photographs, saturated colors and large quantities much better than your desktop printer.

Avery Design and Print Online has all the tools you need to create personalized projects directly on a blank template. Or upload your own artwork and adjust to fit the Avery product you’re using.

9) Personalize comfy tees with blank Avery templates for stretch fabric

We made a comfy “404 Error: Costume Not Found” tee with a stretch fabric transfer and the matching blank Avery template. You can create your own personalized t-shirt message by simply opening the blank Avery template and choosing from fonts included in the Avery Design and Print Online software.

10) Best round blank Avery template for labeling goodies

If you had to get just one size of label and make it work in a bunch of different ways, our glossy white 2″ round labels are incredibly versatile. That’s why our tenth pick is the matching 2″ round blank Avery template.

Using Avery Design and Print Online, you can design personalized round Halloween labels in three ways:

  1. Create your own design from scratch on a blank template with in-software tools
  2. Upload your own design from your computer to a blank Avery template
  3. Browse pre-designed 2″ round Avery templates for Halloween that you can modify

PRO TIP: Use the Edit One feature to add with several different designs to your label sheet.

What’s your favorite Avery template for Halloween?

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