Design and Print Your Own Planner Stickers

If you're into planners, you know how addicting they can be! Who knew there are so many stickers out there to personalize our planners and keep life more organized? The thing is, getting all those cute planner stickers can get quite pricey. But you can save a bundle by creating your own with free printables in the Avery Design & Print software.

Avery has free planner printables (like this kawaii design) ready to print on round, rectangle, square or skinny labels. Or print on full-sheet labels and cut them out with craft cutting machines.

Get free planner printables

Where to start? Go to, where you'll find an entire gallery of free printable designs just for planner stickers. The design templates are also available in a variety of themes, so you can choose your favorite and create a coordinated look throughout your planner.

Personalize your stickers with photos, clip art and other graphics, such as pictures of your friends, pets, favorite foods—you name it.

Personalize your designs

Did you know these printables are also customizable? With the easy-to-use Avery Design & Print software, you can choose your typeface, colors, add clip art or even add your own photo or design. Change up the design templates your way, or design your own from scratch.

No more wasted stickers

Ever buy a pack of stickers, but you're just not in love with all the designs? Making your own planner stickers means you can print your favorite designs—you know, the ones you'll actually use—on as many sheets as you need.

Got sloppy handwriting?

If you like reminders for recurring events such as meetings, tests or workouts, creating your own stickers is a must! There's no need to write the same thing on them over and over again when you can print your text right on them instead. Just add a text box to your design, pick a typeface and enter the text before you print.

Got your planner tools? Don't forget essential accessories as part of your planner system.

Organize, decorate and get motivated!

There are so many ways to use planner stickers. Use them for reminders, tracking activities, to-do lists and more. Personalize your planner—and save some money—with free designs at and start making your own planner stickers right from your desktop.