Printers aren’t perfect. We did something about it.

Quality. Reliability. Performance. That's Sure Feed.

When the pickup and guide rollers on printers get old and dusty, they don't always lift up sheets and feed correctly. The result is a misaligned print.

Our new, proprietary Sure Feed technology is engineered into our label sheets to help provide a more reliable feed through your printer and prevent misalignments and jams.

The result:
- A label sheet with better print alignment
- Less jamming
- No more wasted labels

What's Behind Your Label?

Reliability You Can Trust

Over eighty years strong in the label business, Avery continually delivers innovative products to help make life’s tasks easier. Avery labels provide the reassurance of the Avery guarantee and offer better value through years of industry-firsts that help save you time and resources.

And while all Avery products are rigorously tested to stringent standards and engineered for optimal performance across a wide portfolio of solutions, it’s not just about the products—it’s what you can do to make them uniquely your own. With free software and templates at, you can customize and bring your ideas to life.

Avery Labels with Sure Feed™ Technology—Designed for a Reliable Feed