How to Create Stunning Last-Minute Holiday Cards

Last minute christmas cards and holiday cards

Don’t worry, there’s still a way to get your holiday cards done and in the mailbox fast!

After September hits, Halloween comes sooner than you think and suddenly November whizzes by in a blur. The calendar says December, 1st and you haven’t taken a family photo, let alone made holiday cards.

That’s totally okay. There’s still a way to create holiday cards at the last minute that won’t look rushed or sloppy. We’ll show you how to create stunning holiday cards in just minutes, get address labels done faster and get everything printed faster, too. 

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Create gorgeous, personalized holiday cards in just minutes with Avery templates

Just because you don’t have time to design holiday cards from scratch, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the picked-through boxed cards left at the store. Avery templates make it easy to just click, customize, save and go.

Start by picking one of our pre-designed holiday card templates. Filters on the page let you quickly view designs for postcards, greeting cards or note cards. Whether you’re just choosing a preference or matching printable supplies you already have on hand, it’s easy to view all the designs at a glance.

Next, customize the text and add your own images. If you haven’t taken a professional family photo, no need to stress— that adorable pic of your kids in the blanket fort you helped them build is perfect! Save your holiday card design and it’s ready to print.

If you’re really feeling like you won’t make it in time for the December holidays, go ahead and make it a New Year’s card instead. Our free New Year’s templates that are just as easy to use.

Printing your holiday card address labels is faster than writing by hand and it makes your last-minute cards look like they were planned out months ahead.

Get neat, festive address labels for your holiday cards done faster

Writing out addresses by hand – and trying to do it quickly – will likely turn to scribbles by the end. Creating printed address labels for your holiday cards using our pre-designed holiday label templates is a great hack for getting them done fast without it looking sloppy.

Did you know? There’s even a way to quickly autofill your holiday card address labels. The Mail Merge tool in our free online software pulls your addresses from any spreadsheet.  

Basically you start with a spreadsheet of your addresses, which you can quickly type up, or import from digital contact lists. Then click the Mail Merge/Data Import button in Avery Design & Print and it fills your label sheet with addresses.

For detailed instructions, check out this short (under 3 minutes) video tutorial for using Mail Merge/Data Import or a step-by-step Mail Merge instructions with pictures.

Easy ways to get your holiday cards & labels printed faster

If you’re already stocked up on printable blank cards and address labels you can quickly print your holiday cards and labels and have them in the mail the same day. Helpful tips like how to make the best Christmas card labels help you pull the whole project together.

If you’re short on supplies, or using designs with photos or saturated colors, try custom-printed cards instead. You can get quality professionally-printed holiday cards and labels shipped in as few as three business days using our WePrint service.

Our custom printing service is a fantastic hassle-free option for getting holiday cards done fast. Especially if your designs include photos or saturated colors because the print quality is guaranteed. There’s no need to adjust printer settings or replace ink because it’s all taken care of for you. 

Get your holiday cards done fast so that you can enjoy the season too

The holiday rush can be overwhelming at times. While it’s understandable to want to do your best to make holiday magic for your loved ones, it’s important to remember that you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself too.

Just add your photo to pre-designed Avery templates to create personalized holiday cards in minutes. Discover how quick addressing envelopes can be with Mail Merge. Take advantage of our fast turn around and exceptional print quality to get custom cards printed with our professional printing service.

And if you get stuck, no worries. You’re not in this alone. Find the help you need to conquer any project with our helpful resource page, or contact our Customer Care Center directly.