7 Ways to Organize with Kitchen Cabinet Labels & More

Kitchen and cabinet labels you can customize

A well-organized kitchen space, whether at home or in any setting, contributes to a warm and soothing ambiance that enhances functionality and efficiency. Moreover, strategic labeling helps create “a place for everything and everything in its place” so that it’s easier to stay organized. Luckily, Avery offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet labels, food storage labels, tags, and more that you can print yourself or let us print for you. Not to mention our free, customizable design templates that make it easier than ever to whip your kitchen into shape.

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1) Best full-coverage kitchen cabinet labels

Using custom labels to organize cabinets makes it easy to find items you need. It also helps everyone to know where to store items when not in use. Additionally, you can label shelves inside kitchen cabinets to help keep pantry items neatly organized and easily accessible. Of course, if your kitchen cabinets still have old labels stuck in place, that makes things a bit more difficult. Luckily, Avery labels with TrueBlock® technology address this problem specifically. The proprietary blocking on the sticky side of these labels completely covers everything underneath, including old labels.

dark wood office kitchen cabinets organized with custom labels

Cover old kitchen cabinet labels with TrueBlock® shipping labels, Avery 8163.

2) Kitchen label ideas to organize coffee & tea

Removable, durable labels make it easy to keep coffee pods neatly organized and are easy to switch out for new or seasonal flavors. When you use custom labels to organize coffee pods by flavor, it also makes it easier to see when it’s time for a refill and which flavors are most popular. Interestingly, labeling storage containers for tea is even more important. This is because, over time, the aromatic compounds in tea leaves can impart flavor and aroma to other tea bags and containers. Making sure you always use the same container for the same tea flavor prevents flavors from becoming muddled.

One way to customize your kitchen cabinet and storage labels is to go to the template page for the Avery product you want to use. On this page, you click the “Start Designing” button to pick from a wide variety of different designs for that product (see Example 1 below). Another way to start customizing is to browse this article and click the “Customize” button for a featured product and template. That will open the featured design directly (see Example 2).

office coffee pod selections organized in semitransparent plastic containers with avery labels

Example 1: Organize coffee pod flavors with Avery 22828 labels.

decorative counter storage for teas with natural wood lids accented with kraft paper labels

Example 2: Use Avery 2284 Kraft paper labels for organizing decorative tea bins.

3) Tags to label snacks in your kitchen cabinets

Keep snacks sorted by variety in attractive bins to keep your kitchen cabinets and counters neat and welcoming. Just like coffee pods, snack bin labels make it easy to see what needs restocking with a simple glance. Printable tags are the perfect way to label textured or woven storage bins because they don’t have to stick to difficult textures. Additionally, you can use our free tag designs to create simple custom tags or more elaborate tags that match office kitchen décor. Check out this super helpful article that explains how to create and print personalized gift tags, which is the same process you can use to personalize kitchen tags.

close up of a brown woven plastic snack bin filled with chips and labeled with printed tag

Label snack bins with Avery printable tags (22802).

4) Best labels for fridge bins & containers

Removable, printable labels are ideal for the task of organizing fridge bins. Not only is printing labels on your desktop printer convenient, but it also makes it easy to refill empty bins with the correct items. Additionally, removable labels are easy to swap out as needed.

Aside from organizing items in your fridge, you may also want to consider organizing your recipes. When both your recipes and ingredients are neatly organized, it’s so much easier and quicker to check that you have what you need when making dinner or a grocery list. To get started, check out this article on how to make your own recipe cards (complete with free templates). Or this one to learn how to make your own recipe binder.

5) DIY meal prep & food storage stickers

Personalized stickers are a great way to keep track of lunches, especially for school and work. In fact, meal prep stickers can not only help keep track of when things need to be tossed but also help avoid allergy mix-ups. You can also use color-coded container labels for each family member to help everyone quickly grab the right lunch on their way out the door.

For more food container label ideas, check out our article all about meal prep labels. There are tons of free design templates to choose from, as well as helpful tips for labeling food containers.

apples and strawberries in employee lunch containers with avery labels on a white and grey kitchen counter

Create and print your own labels for meal prep and food storage with Avery 8160 labels.

6) Surface Safe® kitchen cabinet labels & wall signs

Surface Safe labels and signs are perfect for labeling your kitchen cabinets and walls without damaging them. In fact, they’re specially engineered to stick securely yet remove cleanly without damaging paint or drywall. And as a bonus, you can use them to make fun DIY decal stickers too.

Furthermore, Surface Safe labels are made from durable film that is water- and chemical-resistant, so you can wipe them clean with common household cleaners. Not only are surface-safe labels and signs great for labeling kitchen cabinets, but they’re also useful at work. In fact, we’ve got a great roundup of free templates for office signs.

durable sink label sign for office kitchen etiquette with dishwashing rules

Create DIY sign labels that don’t hurt drywall or cabinets with Avery 61516 labels.

7) Trash & recycling labels for your kitchen

All of our removable labels are designed to work on stainless steel, which makes them perfect for labeling household and workplace trash cans. Using our free trash can templates, you can simply print and apply them or edit the designs to make them your own.

Get started organizing your kitchen and cabinets today

To sum up, Avery makes organization a breeze in any setting. This includes streamlining your kitchen cabinets, organizing coffee and tea selections, labeling snack bins, managing fridge contents, personalizing meal prep stickers, and creating cabinet labels and signs that don’t damage the surface. Ultimately, our versatile products and customizable design templates empower you to maintain an efficient and attractive kitchen space. With Avery, you can transform your kitchen into a well-organized and welcoming environment that enhances functionality and style. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized and enjoyable kitchen experience.

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