Ten Easy Tips for Making the Best Christmas Card Labels

four colorful envelopes with large Christmas labels on table

Christmas cards are a holiday tradition. And when your friend or family member notices your card in their mailbox, the first thing they're going to see is the mailing label. Make sure you have the best tools and products for creating beautiful Christmas card mailing labels with these ten simple and affordable tips.

  1. Check the Mailing Cutoff Dates
pile of red envelopes with large rectangle Christmas themed labels on table

Prepare your labels on time with blank rectangle labels (94215)

Make sure your cards are sent out on time by paying attention to the holiday shipping deadlines for your mail carrier. Shipping cutoff dates can vary depending on the mailing service and the shipping speed you choose so it's a good idea to check these as early as possible.

Visit these links to the holiday shipping deadline pages for USPS®, FedEx® and UPS® for the most up-to-date information.

Click here for the cute holiday illustration template for 3-1/3" x 4" rectangle labels.

four colorful envelopes facing upright with holiday themed round labels on top
  1. Use Free Holiday Templates for Christmas Labels

Print out these festive designs on blank round labels (94501)

Buying custom-designed labels at a store can get very pricey very fast. Take a look at our collection of free holiday templates and take a shot at customizing your own address labels, return address labels, mailing seals and more. You can even find links to our newest templates used throughout this article.

Click here for the cute holiday illustration round label template.

Click here for the "Warmest Wishes" round label template.

Click here for the tree pattern round label template.

  1. Create Christmas Card Address Labels Automatically with Mail Merge
pile of light blue envelopes with large Avery 94267 labels

Create matching mailing labels with blank scalloped labels (94267)

Do you type out each address from your mailing list onto each individual label? If you do, we have amazing news for you: a mail merge can do that for you automatically. If you have a spreadsheet with your mailing list, you can upload your list with the mail merge tool in Design & Print Online so that it can instantly create labels, cards and more. Take a look at our article on how to mail merge in Design & Print to find out more about this handy feature.

Click here for the holiday tree pattern mailing label template.

  1. Create Instant Christmas Card Return Address Labels with "Edit All"
red envelope with Christmas themed address label sitting on top of sheet of 94200 Avery labels

Make traditional return address labels with blank rectangle labels (94200)

Design & Print Online can also make an entire sheet of labels with the same information as well. Use the "Edit All" mode in our software and you will be able to edit the entire sheet at once. Design & Print Online is the best program for Christmas card labels, return address labels, mailing seals and more.

Click here for the cute holiday illustration address label template.

  1. Add Your Own Flair
pale blue round label with mistletoe design on table

Put your own spin on return address labels with blank round labels (94501)

Who says return address labels need to be a rectangle? It's recommended by the USPS to have the return address in the top left corner of your mail but it actually isn't a requirement. You can use a round return address label on the back of the envelope to help seal it and add some festive flair.

Click here for the bold floral round label template.

  1. Try New Specialty Shapes for Christmas Card Labels
red envelope with large scalloped corner pale pink Christmas label sitting on top of a sheet of Avery 94267 labels with same design

Turn heads this holiday season with blank scalloped labels (94267)

Along with the classic label shapes, we are also adding more and more specialty shaped labels on Avery.com. Labels with scalloped edges, heart-shaped labels, starburst labels and more are available to take your next project to the next level. Check out all of our blank label shapes here.

Click here for the cute holiday illustration for scalloped rectangle labels.

  1. Find Every Christmas Mailing Label Size You Need
three green envelopes and cardboard box decorated with four different shape and size labels with christmas theme

Whether you're shipping out gifts, cards, invitations or more, it's a good idea to take a survey of what size labels you’re going to need and prepare ahead of time. You can browse our blank labels by use to find the exact label that will make your project perfect.

  1. Order the Exact Amount of Sheets
various sheets of Avery labels with an array of pink and blue Christmas-themed design templates from Avery Design and Print Online

Order as many sheets as you need of scalloped rectangle labels (94267)

Did you know you can order the exact number of blank label sheets you need by choosing the option for entering a custom quantity on Avery.com? Custom-ordered blank labels are also available in unique materials that are not available in stores. Check out all of our blank label materials here.

  1. Print from Home with Ease Using Sure Feed®
Light blue envelope with large label decorated with adorable small Christmas tree illustrations sitting on top of a sheet of Sure Feed labels of same design

Identify Sure Feed labels by the blue strips on the sheet, like on these shipping labels (15264)

We all know that our home and office printers aren't perfect. They can jam, sheets can slip and your projects end up paying the price. That's why we invented proprietary new technology called Sure Feed to provide extra grip as the sheet passes through the printer to help prevent jams and misalignments.

Click here for the holiday tree pattern template for shipping labels.

  1. Let Us Print It for You with WePrint
Large, blue, round warmest wishes round label on table

We can print round labels and more for you with WePrint

Don't feel like printing everything yourself? Use our WePrint printing service to let our expert team custom print and ship your labels to you. All you need to do is create and submit your design to us and we'll take it from there. With WePrint we can even print your greeting cards, postcards, gift tags and much more.

Click here for the "Warmest Wishes" round label template.

Products used in this article:

3-1/3" x 4" TrueBlock® Shipping Labels with Sure Feed (15264/94215)

2" Glossy White Round Labels (22807/94501)

2" x 3" Blank Rectangle Scalloped Labels (94267)

1" x 2-5/8" Address Labels with Sure Feed (5260/94200)

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