Five Different Ways to Label One Container

5 labels one container

Easy ways to make custom labels for containers & change up your look

Product labeling is a very important element of any business. Professional product labels are how businesses can really represent their brand and stand out from their competition. They allow you to further develop and establish your unique brand. Whether you want to take a maximalist, minimalist, traditional, or explorative approach, a perfect product-label look is key to retail success.

A label, in the simplest terms, is the face of your product and therefore an ambassador for your brand. You want your product labels to clearly reflect the business they represent and the product they are meant to sell. Use your labels to differentiate products, not just from your competitors but also within your company to help differentiate lines or types of products.

As a graphic designer, I love experimenting with different labeling looks. To give you some inspiration, I’ve put together some five ways to make custom labels for containers and give your products different label looks that will refresh and update your brand.

Square Labels  

Square labels are a classic shape for many containers
Square labels are an extremely popular shape for product labeling
Take a square label and rotate it to give products a completely different look with a diamond label
Simply rotate a square label to give your product a whole new look

Square labels complement most vessels and allow for enough space to include important product information. When choosing this classic shape, it is important to take into account the size of your container and how you want your label to fit.

While most people center their label, feel free to get creative. Try taking a more stylistic approach by rotating your design as seen above. This way you can create a diamond and quickly and economically change the look of your product in minutes.

Minimalist Labels

Give products a clean, crisp look with minimal labeling
A simple 1×4 custom printed label achieves the minimalist look above
an avery 5160 label turned on its side gives products a unique look
The iconic Avery 5160 label custom printed and turned on its side

A favorite of mine has to be minimalist labels. These are for makers that do not mind presenting the minimum possible to sell their products. This style allows your product and container to be the star. It creates an impact while emphasizing the few details it shares.

It’s easy to explore this style by using different placements or angles. I recommend this style to anyone who wants to go bold with their container or feature a dramatic contrast to their product. You can accompany this style with tags or additional labels on the bottom of your items for pricing and warnings.

Wraparound Labels

Use a long rectangle label to wrap around the entire product
Wrapping labels completely around your product gives the most bang for your buck.

Wraparound labels are also a very common way to label your products. These are basically just elongated rectangles that fully wrap around your jars, bottles, tins, or boxes. They allow for the most branding, artwork, and information to be included on a label.

If you want your products to look very different based on the product line but still want to save money, wraparound labels are a great way to achieve this because they can cover the majority of your product. This can help you to create an entirely unique look from product to product, even if your label materials are the same.

Rectangle Labels

Rectangle labels are the most popular shape and versatile enough for almost any container
The most popular Avery label shape, rectangle labels can work for almost any container.

Rectangles are an interesting approach to product labeling because they can be stylized, like this scalloped example, or traditional.

As with wraparound labels, rectangles allow for more coverage than a square depending on the size rectangle you use. These labels look great with containers that require more information but can be more cost-effective than full coverage.

Clear Labels

Give your packaging a no-label look with clear labels available in any shape and size
A custom printed clear label gives a beautiful printed-on look

Clear labels are best used when you want that “no-label” look. They can be used in any shape or size and look amazing when placed on clear vessels meant to show off the product inside.

However, there are some caveats when using clear labels. Unless you intend to use white ink underprint, it is better to use clear labels on light surfaces.

If you intend to have textured or design-focused containers, it would be better to avoid this type of label as the important information can get lost on busier jars or bottles.

Remember, the right product label can work in various dimensions and layers to capture a consumer’s attention. You need to make sure the basic, important details are easily visible but it’s the softer touches and the elegant details that will linger.

While the product is what people love and your label is how you grab their attention, your customers may also be imagining how your products will look on their countertops or shelves. With the right interplay of shapes, materials, and design, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching design that will not only stand out on store shelves but also please customers at home.

Please remember, if you need any help choosing the right label or have questions about designing or ordering your products, please reach out to our amazing customer service team at (800) 942-8379. They’ll be happy to help you with all your labeling needs.