Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box

Step 1. Collect Supplies and Tools

You’ll need the following:

  • Avery Clear Sticker Project Paper (4383)
  • White Sticker Project Paper (3383™ or 53202™)
  • Avery Scrapbooking Clip Art – Pattern Purple Texture 1
  • Fiskars® Mini-Scallop Paper Edgers
  • Fiskars® Shape Cutter and Leaves template
  • Corrugated trim
  • 8” x 8” gift box with lid
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

Step 2. Create Message

Using your favorite software, type the text “Relax & Refresh” or the message of your choice at the top of the page.

Add additional text, “Peace & Tranquility” or the message of your choice 5” below.

Step 3. Print and Apply

Print out the text onto Avery Clear Sticker Project Paper and trim out with Fiskars® Mini-Scallop Paper Edgers.

Apply to box lid.

Step 4. Create Background

In another document, insert the “Pattern Paper Baby Purple” background and size to 3½” x 2”.

Step 5. Create Personal Message

Create a new text box and type your personal text. Format to no fill, and change the line to a white dotted line if you prefer. Position over the purple box.

Step 6. Add Additional Messages

In another area of the document, create a text box and size to about 6” x 4”. Set fill to green.

Type in your message: “Thank You!”, “Congratulations!”, “Happy Birthday!” or any other message of your choice and center the text.

Step 7. Print and Cut Out

Print the purple and green boxes onto the Avery White Sticker Paper.

Trim out the purple box, leaving a white border.

Using the Fiskars® Shape Cutter and Leaves template, cut out a small leaf from the green box..

Step 8. Wrap Box

Wrap corrugated trim around the gift box and glue the overlapping seam in the back.

Step 9. Decorate

Adhere the purple sequare and leaf to the top of the corrugated trim.

Add ribbon around the sleeve and tie a bow.