Turn Your Products Into Client Gifts

Turn Your Products Into Client Gifts

Great ideas & helpful tips for creating unique business gifts

Coming up with the perfect gift for customers and clients this holiday can be time-consuming and frustrating. But it may not be as hard as you think. Look around you. Do you sell a product or service that you could turn into the perfect holiday gift for clients?

If you’re proud of your products or services, and if you partner them with the right accessories, you can create an amazing Christmas or holiday gift every client or customer will love.

We’ve put together six quick tips, as well as a few customer gift ideas to help you turn your products into an ideal business gift.

1. Include items in your gift that complement your product

Try to give a gift that immerses your client or customer in an experience, or give high-quality gifts that are useful but also fun and unique.

Try adding items that fit with your product to make a cohesive gift.

Just make sure to don’t overdo your product play. If you have a complete line of CBD oils, don’t give a gift box full of your samples. Add items that will complement one of your oils. Try a relaxing aromatherapy candle, a sleep mask, and maybe a nice mug and some gourmet tea.

If you own a nursery, pack up a bottle of your secret fertilizer and include a small pot, some soil, a little trowel, and a coupon for a free plant. Not only will they have fun choosing and creating their own gift but it also gets them back into your nursery to possibly make more purchases.

Obviously, some gifts aren’t appropriate for every recipient, so do some research before giving everyone the same gift.

2. Partner with other businesses

To not only make your client gifts special but to also help other small businesses, you could try partnering up.  For instance, a dog groomer and dog walker could both offer each other’s services or products as part of their holiday gifts.

The local coffee roaster might partner with the bakery down the street for the ideal Christmas morning gift. What goes better together than freshly roasted coffee and some homemade biscotti? Toss in some coffee mugs or a small french press and maybe a favorite flavoring to complete the gift.

If you do partner with someone who offers a service instead of a product, make sure they give something free. Don’t just give a gift box full of 20% off coupons to the neighborhood businesses. People get those in the mail already once a week.

3. Add a personalized touch

You don’t want your holiday gift to look like a product sell, even though it can be an effective marketing tool.

Add personalized touches to client gifts with custom cards and labels.
Personalized touches make gifts extra special. See our gift ideas below for free templates.

Adding a few holiday-themed labels, tags and cards can hide any unappealing product labels and add a festive touch to the unboxing experience.

You can add your own special holiday message or even create seasonal product labels to fit your gift. Avery lets you easily personalize them using our free templates. Then simply apply the same design to all your different products.

For an even more personal touch, include a customized card that features not only your holiday message but the story behind the items you chose in your gift. In our mulled-wine gift box, we included the recipe printed on the back of our greeting card so the recipient can easily experience our gift right out of the box.

4. Make it Instagram worthy

When is a Christmas gift not just a Christmas gift? When it gets shared to hundreds or even thousands of others via social media.

While unboxing videos on YouTube are huge mainly among kids, a beautifully packaged gift can lead to the recipient sharing it with all their friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram with a callout to the gift giver. That’s called free marketing.

Create a gift that will make your clients smile & want to share it on social media.

To make photo-worthy presents, choose a color palette that coordinates with your products. Then build your accessories, packaging materials and printed cards and labels around that theme.

Shredded packing papers come in a huge variety of colors, and when you add in coordinating labels and cards, as well as pops of complementary colors, it’s easy to make a standout gift.

5. Create an assembly line

Once you have your gift how you want it, set up an assembly line to make the packaging go easy.

Start by applying your personalized labels and tags to all of your gift items. Then proceed with packing your boxes. Even if you only do two or three at a time, it will keep things moving faster and keep your gifts looking consistent. And have the example gift in view, so others helping out will know how to pack it properly.

Not only does this help get your gifts packed and wrapped quickly, it can also be enjoyable for employees. Treat the team to snacks, beverages and some holiday music to make it a fun team-building project.

6. Get inspired

Our team at Avery put together some sample client appreciation gift boxes to help you get your imagination going.

Our gift box ideas below feature free templates that you can personalize for your own gifts. You can customize your message, fonts, color schemes and more.

All of these gifts are easy to put together. Just get creative and think of unique ways you can combine your products with different items to make a thoughtful business gift.

Apparel & Accessory Gift Box

Personalized Face Mask Gift

It’s easy to create a gift box for clothing and jewelry businesses. Along with a select item from your product line, you can easily make personalized face masks to add to your gift using fabric transfers.

We also created a suite of matching labels, tags and cards including a 2.5″ round scalloped label, a 2″ round tag, a 4.25″ x 5.5″ double-sided postcard, a 5″ x 7″ scalloped postcard and a 2″ square label.

Food & Beverage Gift Ideas

Chai Tea Gift Box

Our Chai Tea gift box can work for a variety of businesses, whether you sell tea, spices or even glassware.

We used 1.5″ round labels to tag inside of chai tea assortment. We added the recipes on a 5″ x 7″ flourish-edge card. On top of the kit we featured a 3″ x 4″ label as seen above. To finish off the gift we added a beautiful winter mug to enjoy the tea.

Mulled Wine Gift Box

Our mulled wine gift box is simple to put together. It features a bottle of mulled wine, a jar of fresh cinnamon sticks, agave syrup and some copper mugs.

We personalized a 4.75″ arched label for the wine, a 1.5″ square tag for the cinnamon, a 5″ x 7″ invitation turned into a greeting and recipe card, as well as a 2″ square label.

Health & Beauty Gift Ideas

Candle Gift Box

Whether you sell hand-poured candles, essential oils, lip balms or other beauty products, it’s easy to create a special gift.

We personalized all the products using a lip balm label, an 2″ x 3-1/3″ oval label on the candle, a 1″ x 2-5/8″ label on the essential oil, and business cards.

Spa Gift Box

In this lovely relaxation gift box, we included a succulent, a silky sleep mask, candle and bottle of pillow spray.

We used a 5″ x 7″ invitation as a greeting card, a 2″ x 3.3” oval label on the spray bottle and a 2″ x 1.25″ scallop tag on the candle.

Still want more?

If you want even more ideas check out our 7 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Clients. And if you want to know how much to spend and who to give gifts to read our tips on corporate gift-giving etiquette.

Our holiday page offers all the ways you can personalize Avery products this holiday season. Whether you print your products yourself or use Avery WePrint, our professional printing service, it’s easy to get the festive look and feel you want.

What’s the best or worst corporate gift you’ve ever gotten?  We’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below.

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