How to Throw the Perfect Dog Party for Your Good Dog

dog birthday party tablescape

Your dog is a very good dog, shouldn’t the dog party supplies you choose be just as amazing? Making your own DIY dog party supplies is the perfect way to personalize your best friend’s big day.

Using the Avery® products you love and new doggy themed templates, you can create unique decorations, favors and accessories for your dog party theme. You’re sure to get two paws up for these simple-to-do DIY projects that make a big impression. 

black dog with paw bandana
Make your own bandana dog party favors – Avery 3279

Best in Show— Custom Accessories for Party Pooches

Dog birthdays and parties are the perfect occasion to give your furry friend a new accessory to show off. Simple hats from your local party store can easily be made into personalized dog party hats adding custom stickers and labels.

For the more fashion-forward dog, custom dog bandanas are a cute way to dress up the birthday pooch. They also make great favors for all the doggy guests. All you need are cotton doggy bandanas, Avery fabric transfers and an iron.

Use our new paw print template and check out this helpful video on how to use Avery fabric transfer sheets. 

dog treats in glass jars raw hide
Use Avery 94514 labels for dog party bone jars

Set the Scene with Personalized Dog Party Decorations

Add a personal touch to your dog party decorations with a fully decked out doggy day station as the centerpiece of your party space. Cover a table in a festive tablecloth to display treats and toys for doggy guests to enjoy.

Clear jars with fun dog party themed labels let your guests browse the table and “choose their own adventure.” Tennis balls, bones and the other supplies your doggy guests will love to play with, are perfect dog party decorations.

Fill some jars with tennis balls and other supplies for dog party games. Fill other jars with bones and dog biscuits for your furry guests. Avery 3 ½” Round Print to Edge labels are the perfect size for labeling jars and containers with these larger items.

Our new paw-some label template is the perfect way to decorate big jars and containers for your dog party.

black dog bandana eating from dog bowl
Make your own personalized dog bowl party favors with Avery 3383

Treat Four-Legged Guests to a Special Dog Party Menu

Every dog party menu should have tasty treat options for doggy guests. Pooches love to play together so plenty of extra water to keep them hydrated is also a must-have menu item.

Special dog treats can be displayed on your dog party table in clear containers just like the tennis balls and bones. Place water bowls all around the party space so the doggos can take a sip any time they’re thirsty.

Whether you’re just providing water and treats or also serving more nourishing dog food, personalized dog bowls add an extra special touch to your dog party. Simple plastic dog bowls dressed up with personalized bone stickers double as party favors your guests’ human companions will love too.

Make your own dog party stickers with our cool bone shaped template and Avery Sticker Project Paper.

doggy bag with tennis balls and treats labels tags
DIY doggy bag tags, Avery 22802 & bone stickers, Avery 3383.

In the Doggy Bag— Personalized Dog Party Favors

Party favors that guests can use at once are fantastic dog party ideas that get the fun started, but you can’t have a party for pooches without a doggy bag! Use Avery Printable Tags and sticker paper to turn simple paper bags into stand out dog party favors.

To make your own dog party bags, add personalized bone stickers to your paper bag then fill with assorted treats and dog toys. Fold over the top of the bag and use a clothespin to attach the doggy bag tags and clip the bag closed. 

Print your own stickers using our themed doggy bag tag templates. and Avery Printable Tags.

Helpful Hints for Putting on a Delightful Dog Party

The dog party ideas in this article are sure to delight your guests, both canine and human. Even though it’s your pooch’s big day, remember you should have fun too! You can use our dog party themed templates for fabric transfers, stickers, labels and tags on pretty much anything— let your imagination run wild and free.

Try using the personalized paw print fabric transfer to make dog party baseball hats, t-shirts or canvas bags for human guests. Add festive touches to banners, gift tags, and invitations with your DIY dog party themed stickers and labels.

And if you need a little helping hand? Let Avery WePrint™ custom printing services lighten your load. Choose your products, use our dog party theme templates to easily create designs online, and then let us handle the rest.

There are no setup fees for WePrint services and no minimum orders. Get as little as one sheet printed with exceptional quality and shipped directly to your door. With Avery you can throw a top-notch dog party and enjoy it too.