8 Simple Ways to Use Rack Cards

rack cards for marketing

Easily promote your products, services & special offers

Rack cards are a versatile, cost-effective marketing tool that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. Typically measuring 4″ x 9″ or 3.5″ x 8.5″, these compact promotional pieces are designed to catch the eye and deliver essential information quickly. Below are eight innovative ways to use rack cards to enhance your business’s marketing efforts.

1. Restaurant Menu Cards

Use custom rack cards as menu cards for your restaurant

Instead of large menus or folded brochures that can be expensive to outsource to a graphic designer, use rack cards that you can easily design and order online.

Feature your hours of operation, phone numbers, and website on one side and list menu items or catering details for easy ordering on the other.

2. Promotions

Use a rack card dispenser near your cash register or outside the front door of your store for consumers who are on the go. The right incentive might bring them in the door now or in the near future.

Try a percentage off, or deals like Buy One Get One Free, Free Item with Purchase, or Free Delivery. Be sure to include your logo, website, contact information, and social handles so that consumers can share the promotion with others and spread the offer with friends.

3. Table Numbers

Use rack cards at your restaurant, bar, or next big event to display table numbers for easy seating. These are great to minimize the chaos that comes with complicated table arrangements at large venues.

Display the table number prominently on the front. Ideas for the back of the cards include highlighting drink specials or featured desserts, or a quick story about the restaurant or a local charity to create some conversation at the table.

4. Product Pricing Display Cards

If you own a business such as a salon, spa, or bakery, you may find the need to communicate your services and products with a price list. Rack cards are great for fitting on display racks near product display cases, in hotel lobbies, on retail shelves, and at reception desks.

The cards are ideal for showcasing images, pricing, and products. You can also easily switch them out daily, monthly or seasonally to keep messaging fresh.

5. Gift Certificates

Use custom rack cards to create gift certificates.

Gift cards are a great way to drive additional sales for new and existing customers. They’re easy to display near checkout to spur sales but they also fit nicely in a letter-size envelope making it easy for mailing and gifting purposes.

Order your rack cards in landscape format and leave the “To” and “From” areas blank along with a form-fill area for the amount.

6. Invitations

Create stunning invitations that can be mailed or handed out when you use custom rack cards.

Invite community members to your grand opening, special event, or charity organization using rack cards. The letter-size format allows for easy mailing.

Showcase your event with a bold design theme on the front and include your venue, time, and location. Use the back for more event details, contact information, and a map to the event.

7. Real Estate Cards

Custom rack cards are great to use as real estate cards to showcase home sales

Rack cards are great grab-and-go pieces that can attract home buyers or sellers in your area. Sit on the windowsills of open houses, leasing offices, furniture shops, or home improvement stores. Use them as a unique direct-mail flyer to attract even more attention.

Showcase your recently sold houses or open listings on the front and list your services or local market statistics on the back. As always, include your contact information and social media handles that might be important.

8. Thank-You Cards

Send thank you cards to customers and clients using custom rack cards.

Do you sell online? If so, add a special thank-you message to customer shipments using a rack card. Or send it in an envelope a few days later after they’ve had time to enjoy your purchase, letting them know you’re available if they need anything.

Design the card with your thank-you message on the front. On the back, you can leave space for a handwritten message or add a special offer to prompt them to purchase again. For an added bonus, include fun die-cut stickers with your logo to showcase your brand for others to see.

Brochures you can print yourself

Not ready for professionally printed rack cards? Try printable tri-fold brochures. You can print them on-demand as needed. They’re great for menus, newsletters, business announcements, and more. Ideal for brochures, flyers, newsletters, announcements, menus, wedding programs, and more. They’re made from heavyweight paper, can be printed on both sides, and include mailing seals.

Design tips for effective rack cards

Easily customize your rack cards or printable brochures using the free templates and designs from Avery. To maximize the impact of your rack cards, consider the following design tips:

  • Eye-Catching Design: Use bold colors, attractive images, and clear fonts to make your card stand out.
  • Concise Information: Keep the text brief and to the point. Highlight the most important information and use bullet points for easy reading.
  • Call to Action: Encourage the consumer to take specific action, such as visiting a website, calling for information, or attending an event.
  • High-Quality Printing: Invest in professional printing to ensure your rack cards look polished and professional.
  • Distribution Strategy: Place your rack cards in locations frequented by your target audience to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

By leveraging these creative uses and design tips, rack cards can become a powerful part of your marketing strategy, helping you to reach and engage with your audience effectively.

Author: Melanie Neff

Melanie has an extensive writing background built on an impressive journalism foundation. As a reporter for USA Today and The Los Angeles Times for almost 20 years, she covered everything from the Los Angeles riots, fires, and floods to LA Lakers, Raiders and Clippers games and movie premieres. She followed her newspaper career with a long tenure covering commercial real estate financing and development. Melanie has been writing about small business marketing and labeling needs for the last 12 years. She thrives on reading, researching and expanding her knowledge of everything going on in today's business world and looks to provide the most valuable information she can to her readers.