Yes, EVERYONE’S Invited to this New Year Party

Here are our rules for a New Year's Eve party: 1) It doesn't have to be for adults only, 2) You don't have to stay up 'til midnight, and 3) Let's make it fun for everyone! Celebrate the New Year with these family-friendly party decorations and favors. They're easy to make and personalize with labels, cards and free New Year's Eve design templates on Avery Design & Print.

Time to Sparkle

Make the sparkly confetti boxes: Matchboxes + Confetti + metallic Avery Gold Sticker Paper + Avery Silver Sticker Paper, cut into shapes.

Know Your Mocktails & Cocktails

Make the buffet cards: Noisemakers + Avery Business Cards.

Ringing in the New Year

Make the favor flags: Ring Candy + Avery Adhesive Flags.

For Good Fortune in the New Year

Make the party favor bags: Fortune Cookies + Avery Bag Toppers with Bags.