Labels: The Secret Ingredient to a Better Office Kitchen

coffee pods in containers neatly organized with Avery labels in an office kitchen

Labels: The Secret Ingredient for a Better Office Kitchen

Even if you’re not when it comes to the workplace, keeping your office kitchen professional is key. A well-organized office kitchen break room makes employees feel welcome and relaxed so they can be more productive.

Strategic use of custom labels helps create “a place for everything and everything in its place” atmosphere. With convenient printable labels from Avery and free Avery label templates, it’s never been easier to whip your office kitchen into shape. 

dark wood office kitchen cabinets organized with custom labels

Cover old kitchen cabinet labels with TrueBlock® shipping labels, Avery 8163

Stay organized with cabinet labels

Using custom labels to organize cabinets makes it easy for employees to find items they need in the office kitchen. It also helps them know where to store items when not in use.

Shelves inside office kitchen cabinets can also be labeled to help keep supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. Use TrueBlock™ address labels to cover over old labels for a clean, professional look that’s easy to read.

TrueBlock labels are designed to completely cover everything underneath including text, graphics and even heavy black barcodes. To create your own cabinet labels, use our free template, add custom text, print labels and apply.

office coffee pod selections organized in semitransparent plastic containers with avery labels

Organize coffee pod flavors with Avery 22828

decorative counter storage for teas with natural wood lids accented with kraft paper labels

Use kraft paper labels for organizing decorative tea bins, Avery 22846

Use labels to organize coffee & tea

Some say coffee makes the world go around… or at least makes the office function. Removable durable labels make it easy to keep coffee pods neatly organized and are easy to switch out for new or seasonal flavors.  

Using custom labels to organize coffee pods by flavor also makes it easier to see when it’s time for a refill and which flavors are most popular. Tea bags should also be labeled by flavor, not only for simple organization but also to preserve the quality of the tea.

Over time, the aromatic compounds in tea leaves can impart flavor and aroma to other tea bags and containers. Using custom labels for tea containers makes it easy to always use the same one for each type of tea so flavors don’t become muddled.

Kraft paper labels are an attractive way to label containers that are displayed in the office kitchen. 2" x 2" Avery label templates are easy to customize with different fonts and graphics from our gallery.

close up of a brown woven plastic snack bin filled with chips and labeled with printed tag

Label snack bins with Avery printable tags (22802)

Label snack bins for easy re-stocking

Keep company-provided snacks sorted by variety in attractive bins to keep the office kitchen neat and welcoming. Just like coffee pods, snack bin labels make it easy to see what needs re-stocking with a simple glance. 

Printable tags are the perfect way to label textured or woven storage bins where labels would be difficult to apply. Our printable tag template is simple to use for creating custom tags to match office kitchen décor.

close up of avery labels use on plastic fridge bins filled with green apples salad dressing and yogurt

Organize fridge bins with removable durable Avery labels (22828)

Organize shared fridge items with labels & bins

A well-organized fridge helps everyone follow office kitchen rules for shared food items. Using labels on shared food bins helps keep company-provided food separate from individuals’ items. 

Removable printable labels are ideal for the task of organizing fridge bins. Printing labels on your desktop printer is convenient, it’s easy to refill empty bins with the correct items and removable labels are easy to switch out as needed.

Use this simple label template to get started.

apples and strawberries in employee lunch containers with avery labels on a white and grey kitchen counter

Use preprinted lunch labels for employees to use, Avery 8160

Provide labels for employee lunches

Personalized stickers are a great way to keep track of lunches in the company fridge. Lunch labels not only help employees to avoid grabbing the wrong container, but also helps with fridge cleanout duties.

One way to encourage employees to label lunches is provide printable labels by the sheet. Free label templates make it simple for employees to quickly create and print sticker labels for their lunch containers.

Printing labels for employees is a thoughtful way to encourage office kitchen etiquette. The mail merge feature in Avery Design & Print Online (ADPO) makes it incredibly easy to pull in a list of employees and quickly apply names to labels.

Or use our lunch labels template with blank space for employees to write in their name.

durable sink label sign for office kitchen etiquette with dishwashing rules

Clean, durable Avery sign labels (61516) that don’t hurt drywall, Avery 61516

Use Surface Safe™ labels for kitchen signs

Signs are important to help employees follow good office kitchen etiquette. Avery Surface Safe wall decals are custom labels meant to be used on walls. They’re ideal for creating office signage that sticks securely, yet remove cleanly without damaging paint or drywall.

Surface Safe labels can also be wiped clean with common cleaners because the materials are water and chemical resistant. You can confidently post office kitchen rules without resorting to taping up paper signs that are easily ruined by water splashes.

Use our Avery label template for the office kitchen sink to get started with office kitchen signage. Try more customizable office signs available in ADPO for the kitchen and the entire office.

removable custom labels for stainless steel on three office trash cans for recycling

Removable labels make it easy to label trash cans, Avery 22827

Go green with waste receptacle labels

Create your own high-impact custom labels for waste receptacles to organize trash cans for a greener office kitchen. Use our free label templates for Paper Only, Cans & Bottles and Waste labels that are ready to print and apply.

Avery removable durable labels stick and remove cleanly from stainless steel and most plastics. You can create waste receptacle labels with confidence— no worrying about peeling off edges or gummy glue residue left behind.

Products Used in This Article

2" x 4" TrueBlock Labels (8163/94207)

1-1/4" x 1-3/4" Removable Durable Labels (22828/94226)

2" x 2" Kraft Brown Labels (22846/94107)

1" x 2-5/8" Address Labels (8160/94200)

7" x 10" Wall Decal Labels (61516/94623)

3-1/2" x 4-3/4" Removable Durable Labels (22827)