How to Streamline Your Mailing Center

Mailing Center with folders, labels, markers, tape, boxes

Even though a vast majority of communication now travels digitally, the office mailroom is still an integral machine in every large company. However, if your office doesn't have a mailroom, a dedicated mailing center can still save valuable time. A counter or table stocked with the right supplies is all it takes to make your office more convenient and efficient. Here are five tips and supplies to make sure your mailroom is first class.

Organizing mailroom equipment

Plastic organization bins for mailing tape
Mark your supplies with these versatile address labels (5160)

As with any shared workspace, clear communication goes a long way to keep things clean and organized. Labels are an affordable and easily-customizable way to mark your drawers, shelves and tools so that everyone knows where everything should be. For extra efficiency, you can use the same shipping and mailing labels for your packages as well.

Click here for the drawer label template

Color coordinated binder clips on file folders
Quickly prioritize folders with binder clips and clear labels (15695)

But remember to organize your own mailroom hours as well. Sorting, delivering and picking up mail at a set schedule is a good way to keep your mailing center from getting cluttered and reinforces good habits among employees. Binder clips with labels are a simple way for people to know where to submit action items and make it easier for you to organize outgoing mail tasks.

Click here for the binder clip label template

Printable mailroom supplies

Labels for mailing and addressing shipping boxes envelopes
File folder labels (5366) are also great for organization

Printable labels are essential for making sure that mail sent from your office looks clean and professional. Make sure to keep your mailing area stocked with address labels, shipping labels and more. Also, it's a good idea to check that the labels you’re stocking match the printer in your office. The last thing you want is the ink from your inkjet printer smearing on laser-only labels.

Click here for the tray label template

High-visibility warning labels

Shipping boxes with neon stickers markers
These neon shipping labels (5964) are perfect for color coding

However, not all labels need to be printed on the spot. You can also save time by preprinting neon warning labels for boxes that are fragile or need to be opened carefully. This is also a great way to create a unified color-coding theme across all packages from your office. People in your office can instinctively see from a distance that a box with a yellow label should be handled more carefully.

Click here for the "Confidential" label template

Click here for the "Fragile" label template

Click here for the "Open First" label template

Click here for the "This Side Up" label template

Click here for the "Urgent" label template

Branded shipping labels

Shipping labels on mailing envelopes
Keep your mailing center stocked up on standard shipping labels (8168) and internet shipping labels (8126)

Branded shipping labels are an easy way to look professional. Preprinting labels with your company logo and return address makes it easy for anyone from your office to pick up a sheet and add a delivery address. Although you can have a dedicated digital template with your logo, it will be much easier for people to work with a new template and print onto a prepared label.

Click here for the tall shipping label template with placeholder barcode

Click here for the wide shipping label template

Company thank you cards

Company thank you cards
These small thank you cards (8315) leave a big impression

Writing out a thank you note takes a fraction of time but makes a big difference in how people relate with your business. These branded thank you cards help give your business more of a personality and gives you a chance to let people know that you appreciate them. Print out stacks of these cards in your mailing center so that workers can include them with packages and gifts.

Click here for the thank you card template

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