Travel Theme Graduation Party Ideas Your Grad Will Love

Finding graduation party themes that feel fresh and exciting and express all the hopes and dreams you hold for your grad can seem overwhelming. Avery makes it easy to pull together a memorable graduation party theme your grad (and guests) will love.

Personalized DIY details and fun graduation party activities allow you to create a truly epic send-off for your grad. A travel theme is a cool DIY graduation party for guys and girls that sums up the feelings of excitement as your grad adventures out into the world.

With quality products and free templates, Avery gives you the tools to upgrade your travel-themed graduation party. In fact, our free online software, Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO) and affordable professional printing service make it easy to turn any party into a standout event.

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Begin the journey with unique invitations

Cool invitations prime your guests for what to expect and create excitement for what’s to come. A passport design is a unique graduation party invitation that fits the travel theme perfectly.

Avery white matte note cards are ideal for printing your own graduation party invitations. Not only do they match up with hundreds of free templates, but they’re printable on both sides and come complete with envelopes.

When choosing printable note cards for your project, material quality is an important consideration. Avery note cards are heavyweight with a matte white finish for vibrant color and sharp text, so your DIY projects look upscale and pulled together.

Print this design on Avery 8315 note cards for inkjet printers or 5315 note cards for laser printers.

After customizing your design, you can also choose “Let Us Print for You” to order custom-printed note cards.

Put your own stamp on the event

Finish the look of your graduation party invitations by printing your own personalized envelope seals. Avery 2″ Print-to-Edge Labels are the perfect size for sealing envelopes and are easy to make look professional with customizable templates or your own designs.

Making your own DIY passport stamp stickers is a fantastic way to seal travel-themed invitations. Customize your passport stamps with the date of your event, favorite family vacation destinations, or the city where your grad will be attending college.

Print this design on Avery 22807 2-inch round labels sold by the package or by the sheet (94501). Both work with laser or inkjet printers.

You can also have finished designs printed for you with our professional WePrint service.

Map out your DIY graduation party stations

Help guide your guests through DIY graduation party activities with well-placed decorations that give them instructions and helpful hints. Adding themed signs to decorations guides your guests through the party space while also creating ambience.

You’d be surprised at how many treasured items around your house can be used to add drama and texture to your graduation party space. Vintage suitcases, trunks, globes, and maps can all be requisitioned for party duty to fit the travel theme.

Decorative mini suitcases with a vintage vibe are perfect containers for party favor stations. Use Avery Surface Safe® sign labels to add themed signage anywhere you need it without damaging home décor or walls.

Print this design on 5″ x 7″ removable Surface Safe labels (94258) that are designed for both laser and inkjet printers.

After customizing your design, you can also choose “Let Us Print for You” to order custom-printed Surface Safe labels.

DIY photo passport party keepsake

A small leather suitcase or valise is perfect for displaying blank passport cards that your graduation party guests can turn into photo keepsakes. Smaller Surface Safe® Sign Labels identify supplies and can provide instructions for guests.

Supply blank passport cards (using the same template as your graduation party invitations), 1″ passport stamp stickers, and an instant camera or two. Guests can use the stickers to attach photos to the passport cards for an instant, memorable graduation party favor. And it’s a charming keepsake your grad will love to take with them.

Print the “Passport Photos” sign on 3-1/2″ x 5″ removable Safe labels (61514) that are designed for both laser and inkjet printers.

Print DIY passport booklets Avery 8315 note cards for inkjet printers or 5315 note cards for laser printers.

Print passport stickers on Avery 6450 1-inch round labels sold by the package. These labels work with both laser or inkjet printers.

After customizing your design, you can also choose “Let Us Print for You” to order custom-printed round labels.

Design a graduation party to give your grad the world

You want to give your graduate the world—with tools and products from Avery, you can throw a memorable graduation party to celebrate their achievements and start the next step of their journey. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and check out more party ideas on Pinterest.

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