Table Settings: How to Wow Your Guests

winter table settings

Take festive food & drinks to the next level with custom cards, labels and tags

Whether you’re gathering for the holidays, celebrating a milestone, or just enjoying the bounty of the season, fall and winter gatherings feel extra special this year. From warming hearts around the dinner table to planning the perfect party or showing out at the fall festival, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use custom cards, labels, and tags to add a real “wow factor” to any table setting. Including tips and tricks for designing and printing at home, how to choose the right labels for food and drink, and more.

More ideas to help you plan a cozy fall/winter get together:

On the left is a festive fall table setting with a gold knife, fork and spoon atop a taupe napkin, a DIY printed menu with an orange pumpkin design, and a thick wooden trunk cutting, with two white pumpkins and other festive decorations surrounding it. On the right is a table with seven festive fall tent place cards, with a bouquet of pinecones, leaves, white pumpkins, and sage behind them.
Create personalized place cards and menu cards that add elegance to your formal table setting. Print your own cards at home, or design them online and have them custom printed.

How to create beautiful personalized cards for formal table settings and more

Postcards, business cards, and tent cards are perfect for dressing up any table setting or display. Whether it’s a place setting, buffet-style party food or even your table at the farmer’s market or fall festival, pretty little details that welcome your guests make all the difference.

Menu cards. Formal table settings look even more elegant and refined with a printed menu card. Print on rectangle postcards for a classic, timeless feel. Or use custom-printed cards to experiment with scalloped or flourished edges to complement more ornate or whimsical table settings. 

Place cards. Place settings for Thanksgiving, weddings, anniversary parties or other special occasions instantly feel more personal with place cards. Clean-edge printable business cards look simple and chic.

Small 2″ x 3-1/2″ tent cards work perfectly every time and have hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from.

Parties & buffet tables. Identifying foods and displaying ingredients for allergy/dietary restrictions is a thoughtful touch for self-serve table settings. Gold-trimmed tent cards add rich warmth and glamour to buffet-style table settings for weddings, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.

Community events. Table tent cards are incredibly useful for dressing a table for your local harvest fair, fundraiser, or farmer’s market. Printed table tent cards that are easy to read, attractive and professional-looking help entice visitors and display the information they need when deciding to buy.

On the left are several cellophane baggies of trail mix with chocolate candies inside, tied with strings and a small cardstock tag reading, "Happy Fall, Y'all" with a watercolor sunflower image underneath. On the right is one of the same kinds of bags with a tag, but with chocolate chip cookies inside.
Printable tags are an easy way to add a pop of color and visual interest to table settings at parties and events. Add them to treat bags, gift baskets for raffles, wine, beer, or soda pop bottles and more.

Setting a table to showcase homemade and themed goodies for parties and events

From entertaining at home to fundraising in the community, custom labels and tags make your delicious homemade goodies stand out. Here are a few ideas to elevate your table setting with custom labels and tags for food and drinks

Treat bag tags. Tags aren’t just for gifts (although you can find hundreds of gorgeous free Avery templates for Christmas gift tags). Personalized tags on treats and snacks add visual interest to table settings at parties and events.

Custom jar labels. Use on jars, bottles, cans, and other packaging to entice visitors to come to your table and take a closer look. Or use to decorate “take away” gifts for holiday parties like homemade jam or Mason jar gifts.

Themed beer and wine labels. Personalized beer and wine labels to match the theme of your event look expensive and add extra oomph to a fancy or themed table setting.

Treat toppers. Use two labels back-to-back on a coffee stirrer to make themed food toppers for literally any occasion. For example, the cute cupcake toppers we made to go with a mermaid birthday party for kids.

On the left are rows of glass food jars with metal lids, labeled with a white oval label with a cutesy fall fox and leaf design reading, "Just being thankful." On the right is a fresh pumpkin pie with a festive DIY treat topper sitting in a white dish next to a small orange pumpkin, a bouquet of red and yellow flowers in a wooden box and orange-red leaves.
Use personalized oval labels to add your event theme to jars, bottles, cans, and more. Or create your own custom treat toppers by sandwiching a coffee stir stick between two round scalloped labels.

How to choose the right labels for food & drink incorporated in your table setting

Adding labels to food and drink containers can be a little complicated. Condensation, drips, temperature, and container shape are all factors to consider. Choosing the right label ensures your labels stay looking great and compliment the table setting.

First and foremost, decide if you need film labels or if paper labels will work. Film labels are more durable and hold up better to water and oils than paper labels. Anything with liquids involved is generally going to look better with film labels.

While film labels are generally water-resistant, waterproof labels are best for beverage bottles. Especially chilled beverages that get wet from condensation or will be submerged in ice. Waterproof wraparound labels designed to work on water bottles easily elevate a table set as a drinks station.

Pro tip: Shop blank labels by the sheet to find the exact label you need for any part of your table setting. You can even choose custom sizes.

How to design and print personalized labels, cards, and tags to accent any table setting

Personalized details look expensive and make any table setting feel extra special. You can design your own stunning custom labels for food and drink, place setting cards, and more, without going to an expensive custom stationery store.

Avery Design and Print is a free cloud-based label design software that allows you to design labels, cards, and tags from scratch, modify pre-designed templates, or upload your own designs. The tools allow you to add your own photos or custom text, colors, and graphics from the gallery.

When you log in to your Avery account you can design, save and print your personalized table setting accents from any internet-enabled device. You can even share links to your projects via email. Friends, family, and cohosts can modify your table setting cards, labels, and tags for future events as needed. 

And if you get stuck, no problem. You can find tons of template support in our help center articles.

Pro tip: Find templates for any Avery label, card, or tag using the product number to search, or browse by category.  

Cards, labels and tags that make your table settings feel special

There’s never been a better time to emphasize the “special” in special occasions. Welcome your guests into your home and heart with all the little card, label and tag details that give your table settings that extra “wow” factor.

Create personalized menu cards and place cards for place settings. Design eye-catching tent cards to enhance table settings for buffets, parties and events. Use labels and tags to make homemade goodies stand out in any table setting.

With Avery Design and Print Online and free Avery templates it’s never been easier to leverage simple tools to create beautiful accents for your table settings. No matter how small or large the gathering.

How do you add that extra “wow” factor to your table? Share your festive table settings with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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  1. I am trying to get a temple for the “What am I thankful for” 3 x 5 cards. I have your 5388 temples but can’t find the temple. Please help.

    What am I thankful for:_________________

    Name: ___________

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      We’re sorry but it looks like we do not have this template available. We would recommend starting the project on a postcard template, such as 3263. Once you are in Step 2 Choose Design, select the Holiday Category on the left and select Thanksgiving, and browse those designs. Once you are in the Customize screen, you can click on Change Template in the upper right and transfer that design to your 5388 index cards. If you have additional questions, please call us at 800-462-8379 and we would be happy to help.

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