3 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts that Kids Can Make at Home

Keep kids busy with thoughtful and fun Mother’s Day crafts

Mother’s Day crafts are a great way to entertain kids and let them express their love in their own unique way. Of course, you can pick out a gift and put everyone’s name on it, but gifts from the heart are so much more special. And, making homemade Mother’s Day gifts doesn’t have to be a complicated project. These three Mother’s day crafts are easy for you to set up, fun for kids to do and can be accomplished in a single afternoon.

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happy mother's day card with star heart labels
Borrow supplies from your home office to make homemade cards for Mother’s Day.

1) How to use office supplies to make homemade Mother’s Day cards

Homemade cards are the perfect Mother’s Day craft for elementary age kids. All you need are a few simple supplies you can likely find in your home office.

What you’ll need

  • Blank note cards
  • Blank labels in fun shapes/colors
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils


To get the project started, ask your kids to choose some words that describe mom. Then ask them to write their words on fun blank labels. In fact, you can order blank Avery labels by the sheet and browse by materials or shapes. Including awesome shapes like hearts, stars, and starbursts in a huge variety of sizes. Even custom sizes. We love shopping labels by the sheet because its easy to stock up on single sheets of labels in a bunch of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Once your kids have their homemade “mom stickers” finished give them a blank card to decorate with the stickers. Finally, let them go to town with markers, crayons, or colored pencils to finish up the card.

mother's day card with laminating sheets

2) Free thumbprint bookmark Mother’s Day craft

Thumbprint bookmarks are a cute and easy Mother’s Day craft for toddlers and preschoolers. As kids grow up, those sweet tiny thumbprints are a precious reminder of when they were little. Of course, laminating your Mother’s Day bookmark project is the perfect way to make sure those memories last. Older kids can also personalize free printable bookmarks for mom using our free online design software.

What you’ll need

  • Printable post cards
  • No-heat self-laminating sheets
  • Non-toxic craft paint
  • Paper plate & towel (using a regular plate and towel is optional, but be sure to use washable paint in that case)
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer


Start by opening the thumbprint bookmark template. It will open in our free online software, Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO). You can skip ahead to “Preview & Print” to print the template as-is, or you can edit it using the tools in ADPO. When you’re happy with the design, follow the steps to print the bookmark.

Check out this video with helpful directions for printing Avery labels, cards, and tags.

Once you’ve printed the bookmark, draw a simple flower with petals about the size of your child’s thumbprint. Then squeeze a small amount of paint onto a paper plate. Help your kid dip their thumb in paint and dab off excess if necessary. Then, gently press their thumbprint inside each flower petal on the bookmark.

Allow the bookmark to dry completely, then have your kid sign and/or decorate the bookmark. Finally, laminate the bookmark. Of course, you can use a regular laminating machine. However, we prefer no-heat laminating sheets for making Mother’s Day crafts with little kids because its safer. In fact, they’re self-adhesive and you basically just peel and smooth them on, but we also have this fantastic video that shows you expert tips on how to apply self-laminating sheets.


mothers day card with crayons and dividers

3) Memory book Mother’s Day craft idea

Every parent faces the dilemma of what to do with all the sentimental art your kids make just for you. So we came up with a memory book Mother’s Day craft that’s the perfect way to organize all your kid-created masterpieces into something special for mom. Certainly, as kids get older being able to look back at their art and reminisce is lovely.

What you’ll need


First, gather up Mother’s Day cards and any other special pieces of kids artwork. Then, sort the artwork into categories. For example, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Just Because. Next, label your tabbed dividers with the categories. Once the categories are in place, add the artwork to the binder using sheet protectors. We recommend placing two pieces of art back-to-back in each sheet protector to make it more like a book. Lastly, put any left over sheet protectors in the back of the binder so mom can update her memory book all year long

Another great idea for this Mother’s Day craft is to add Mother’s Day quotes throughout. Simply print or write out the quotes on paper and slip them in a sheet protector. Then, sprinkle the quote pages throughout the memory book to give mom a sweet surprise as she browses.  

Keep the love-fest going for family and friends!

Handmade cards and bookmarks aren’t just great Mother’s Day crafts. To tell the truth, they’re a really charming way to staying in touch with long-distance relatives and friends. Mostly because they’re fun for kids to make and easy gifts to send through the mail without any special packaging.

Moreover, Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to celebrate all the moms in your life. Why not brighten grandma’s day with a handmade card for Mother’s Day, or send kid-created Mother’s Day art to your best friend who’s a new mom?

It doesn’t have to be specific to Mother’s Day either, it can be just let the people you love know your family is thinking of them. Family and friends that live far away, especially grandparents, will be delighted to get cards with cute and silly artwork your kids made themselves.

What is your favorite Mother’s Day craft to do with your kids? Share with us on Instagram using #averyproducts or shout it out in the comments below!

Author: JoJo Mrgich

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