Quick and Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad's BBQ sauce labels

Looking for some ideas for Father's Day? Don't worry, we've created a few do-it-yourself gifts that are easy to make and won't break the bank. If you already have a gift in mind, we also have a variety of new template designs to give your present some extra pop. Nobody knows your dad like you do, so we made sure to make all of these Father's Day gifts completely customizable.

Sweet gifts for dad

Professional BBQ Sauce Labels
Make professional BBQ sauce jars with arched labels, hang tags and round labels

If your dad likes grilling he's going to love these homemade barbecue sauce jars. With our premade templates, you can instantly whip up customized labels and tags that look professionally printed. Fill these mason jars with his favorite sauce and pair them with a new set of basting brushes for a savory gift.

Click here for the “Dad's BBQ Sauce” label template.

Click here for the “Awesomesauce” hang tag template.

Click here for the flannel jar top label template.

Shipping label gummy bear jars
Add your best, unbearably adorable puns with shipping labels

Make this gummy bear present at home with just a jar, gummy bears and one of our charming label designs. If your dad has another favorite snack you can also replace the images and text to create a unique gift just for him.

Click here for the “Bear-y lucky” label template.

Muffin and coffee with Father's Day Card
Start the day with a sugar-coated note on one of our postcards

Kick off Father's Day with a breakfast treat of homemade muffins and pair it with this sweet Father's Day card design. These postcards are printable on both sides and make for fantastic cards for other occasions as well.

Click here for the “Muffin without you” postcard template.

Just for him

Golf ball gift set with wraparound labels
Make sure your dad has a ball with these wraparound labels

Does your dad love to spend time at the driving range? Pair some brand new golf balls with a sincere message or joke to really drive home how much you care. That extra effort is all it takes to turn a Father's Day present into a story he tells his friends for years.

Golf tee gift idea in jar with label
Tee up the ideal gift with print-to-the-edge round labels

Always remember that you can put your own spin on these labels as well. Our wraparound design works seamlessly with jars, boxes, gift bags and more. Walk through your local party supply store or even recycle containers around your home. The right design, placed in the right spot, can turn that old jar into a premium gift.

Click here for the “Best dad in the HOLE world!” wraparound template.

Click here for the “Best dad by PAR!” round template.

The best pop around gift bag set
Freshen up gift bags with hang tags and greeting cards

Already have an idea for a present? Printable greeting cards and hang tags are a fast and affordable way to take your present up a notch. Cards make for touching mementos and are a great opportunity to really tell your dad how much he means to you.

Click here for the “Best POP around!” note card template.

Click here for the “Best POP around!” hang tag template.

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