Elevate Your Next Board Meeting with Avery Templates

customizable office supplies for board meeting prep arranged on gray table

When it comes to successful board meetings, how the meeting is planned is just as essential as what’s on the agenda. Avery templates, office supplies and our free online design software make it easy to impress clients and rally the team with branded board meeting supplies.

Thoughtful and thorough board meeting preparation can set attendees at ease, help boost focus and facilitate introductions. Avery templates are ideal for optimizing seating plans, elevating refreshments, organizing and other tasks that create a better board meeting experience.

law office themed custom tent cards for a board meeting made with avery templates
Use Avery printable tent cards (5309) direct attendees to assigned seating.

Personalize seating plans with Avery templates

Just like any function, seating is key for a good board meeting. Are there others presenting at your meeting? Make sure they’re positioned to easily maneuver to the front of the room. A thoughtful seating chart can go a long way to set everyone at ease.

Printable table tent cards are ideal for communicating seating assignments for your next big board meeting. Avery design and print software makes it easy to create your own designs or modify free Avery templates.

Easily add your company logo to existing tent card templates, add names with the mail merge feature and more.

Close up of six water bottles with law office branded labels made with avery label templates
Add branding to water bottles with Avery water-resistant labels (22845)

Create thoughtful branded items with Avery Design & Print Online

Avery Design & Print Online is more than just free label templates. Using your Avery login and free account, you can save projects online for easy access anytime, and anywhere.

In fact, you can create, save and print your projects from any device. Or apply your designs to other Avery templates. That means once you’ve uploaded your company logo to a project saved on your avery.com account, you can quickly and easily apply it to your other board meeting projects.

For example, apply your logo to water-resistant Avery labels to create branded water bottles with blank space for writing in names. Water bottles won’t get mixed up and another layer of branding is added to your board meeting.

Use our featured Avery label template for water bottle labels to customize or modify with your own branding.

grey table with board meeting supplies including avery template tent card meeting agenda folder and water bottle
Organize your branded meeting agenda with Avery document sleeves (72262)

Organize Your Branded Meeting Agenda

You know that the content of your meeting agenda is crucial for a productive board meeting, that’s why you spend so much time and effort getting it just right. For a sharp professional look, present a branded meeting agenda in a document sleeve.

Avery Corner Lock® document sleeves not only add an impressive look to your meeting agenda, but also keep papers organized and looking fresh. Use our meeting agenda template to create a professional binder insert sheet with any 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. 

close up of printable name badges made in a legal office theme with avery templates
Re-use plastic name badge holders with Avery name badge refills (5392)

Use mail merge & Avery templates for name tags

Whether hanging style or clip style, name tag holders are staples for meetings, events and office keycards. Use your existing Avery name tag holders to upgrade name tags for your next important board meeting.

Avery name badge refill packs, and Avery Design & Print Online, make it easy to print new, branded name tags without buying new holders. Not only can you easily add branding to free Avery templates, but you can also use the mail merge function to add names and titles to all your badges in minutes.

Mail merge can be used with any Avery template to quickly pull information from a list and apply it to your project with more accuracy than individual entry. Try using mail merge with our featured name badge template to facilitate introductions at your next meeting.

legal office branding added to snack bags and water bottles using avery labels and avery label templates
Provide attendees with branded snack bags using Avery labels (22807)

Never miss a detail with Avery labels & services

Going the extra mile to prepare for an important board meeting means giving your attention to a lot of little details. Like providing nutritious snacks for attendees to make sure they’re well-fueled and ready to focus.

It’s amazing what a huge difference a small detail, such as offering branded snack bags using label templates, can make. Use our featured round label template to create your own branded snack bags.

With our wide array of printable products, office supplies and free Avery templates, it’s certainly possible to do it all on your own. But if you’re running short on resources or have a huge event to prepare for, let Avery WePrint take care of printing for you.

With a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes, zero set up fees and impeccable print quality, you can consider WePrint your virtual assistant. Simply design your tent cards, labels and name tags using free Avery templates. We’ll print for you and ship your professional high-quality board meeting supplies directly to you in as few as three business days.

Products Used in This Article

3-1/2" x 11" Tent Cards (5309)

9-3/4" x 1-1/4" Water-Resistant Labels (22845/94262)

Corner Lock Document Sleeves (72262)

3" x 4" Name Badge Insert Refills (5392)

2" Round Labels (22807/94501)