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Create and Print Labels and Other Projects in Design & Print Online

To create a new project - go to

  • Type in the product number (4 or 5 digit code) in the search box in the center of the page and click on the small magnifying glass or press Enter on your keyboard (the Avery product number is located on the front of the package)
  • On the template page that appears, click on the red Start Designing button
  • On Step #2 Choose Design (there are pre-designed templates / blank templates) - for a blank template click on the green button Select this Design

  • Now you are on Step # 3 Customize screen

You will see one label on your screen and to the right, you will see a small preview of the entire label sheet called the Navigator

To enter Text - (on the left side of the screen) click on the blue T for text  then click on Add Text Box
  • To format text - (ie: choose font, size, centering options etc.) the words Type your Text need be highlighted blue
  • Make formatting changes to the left of the screen (for detailed instructions search articles for formatting text)
  • To create project with the same information on each label - start typing the text - it will populate on each label (see small preview sheet to the right of the screen)
(For instructions on adding different information onto each label search articles for  Edit One / Edit All)

  • After the information is typed on the label - Click on Step #4 Preview & Print (top of the screen)
  • This will give you a full page view of the project 
  • Click on the green Print it Yourself button to the right
  • Click on the green Get PDF to Print button to the right
  • Save your project - to your online Avery account or your Computer
  • The Printing Tips page will appear - follow the instructions carefully

When using Google Chrome (internet browser) to connect to our site - Click on Open PDF 
 A new screen will open (preview.pdf) with a full view of your project - click the printer icon at the top right
    • On the print dialog box - Make sure the Scale is set to Custom and 100% and then click on Print
    • When using Safari or Firefox, choose Download PDF and open  from your Downloads file using Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Make sure the Scale is set to Custom and 100% and then click on Print
  • Search articles for additional detailed instructions when using other internet browsers or for detailed print instructions

Please click here to learn about other features in our software such as a Mail Merge, Sequential Numbering, Adding an Image, etc.

This video gives an overview of Design & Print Online:

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