Edit One Or Edit All Each Label Different Or Every Label The Same
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Edit One / Edit All - Each Label Different / Every Label the Same

When starting a new project - the Sheet Navigator (located to the right of the screen on Step #3) will automatically be selected to the Edit All feature.

In order to create a project with the same information on each label leave the selection highlighted on Edit All 

To Edit All
To the right-hand side of the screen you will  see Navigator  User-added image
Leave Edit All highlighted orange
To the left of the screen click on Text then Add text box - type out the text and the information will populate on every label (as shown below). 

User-added image

To create a project with different information on each label (Edit One): 

Start the project using the Edit All feature - only add text boxes (DO NOT type any information - just add the text box) and make formatting changes (ie: font, size, color or placement of text box) - also add any images that need to be populated on each label. 

Once the information is formatted using Edit All - click on Edit One and now you are able to click on each label individually and type different information into each label.

User-added image

If you need to apply font style changes (size, style, or color) to your labels after creating different labels in Edit One, you can select Edit All to apply those changes to the entire project.