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Our downloadable software retired in 2020, but you can use Avery Design & Print Online and enjoy the same functionality and use it on a Mac, PC, phone or tablet.  

We strongly recommend you start using the online version, but the offline Design & Print software is still available for special circumstances, such as converting old DesignPro ZDL files.  There is a Windows version at 

avery download

The offline Design & Print Software can no longer reach your online Avery account.  You will need to save projects to your computer instead of to an online Avery account. You will still be able to open them using Avery Design & Print Online. 

If you already have an older version of the Design & Print software that you want to update, please following these instructions:

  • Select the Avery Design & Print Icon on your desktop or Task Bar 

 User-added image

  • Select Check For Updates to start the Download and Installation process 

User-added image

  • After updating, you should be able to run the most updated version of Avery Design and Print by selecting the icon on your desktop or task bar.

Note: Download speeds may vary based on the Internet connection as well as browser option.

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