Three Ways to Make Your Admin’s Day

National Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect time to show your gratitude to the people who help you the most. Whether it’s your assistant, secretary or office manager, a personal gift goes a long way to show that you care. Here are a couple ideas to let your staff know that you notice all of their hard work.

Bouquet of Thanks

Mason jar vase with tulips croissant and coffee
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Express your thanks with a jar of fresh flowers or a plant, and add a personalized note, quip or quote. Place it on their desk early in the morning for a gorgeous way to start their day.

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Say it With Donuts

Sprinkle donuts in box with coffee
Donut holes in mason jar gift

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Give your admin a round of applause with a delicious treat that’s fun to eat. Box up some donuts or gather some donut holes for a jar gift, and print your personal message right on the label.

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Perks of Work

Coffee cup and coffee beans in bag
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How do you show your appreciation to the best admin ever? You perk up their day with coffee! Make a run to their favorite coffee shop for a cup of joe and your note of thanks with a label, right on the cup. Another idea is to pick up a bag of beans or ground coffee and personalize the gift with a custom sticker.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to show your admin how much you value them, especially during the last week of April. Spread the word around the office so the entire staff can sign a personal card, pitch in for a group gift, or bring individual gifts of their own. When your administrative professional goes above and beyond for your team, it’s time to celebrate and go above and beyond for them.

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