I.D. Your Books with Personalized Bookplates

Here’s a subtle, yet discriminating way to identify books, CDs and DVDs from your personal library, and a fun project for your family to work on together. These bookplates (or booklabels) can be personalized and attached to the inside front cover of your books, the inside of your CD and DVD cases, and anywhere you want to mark your property. With personalized bookplates, you can: 1) Make it easy for borrowers to identify the owner of the book so they can return it when they’re done; 2) Create a personalized set and give as a gift for that bookworm you know; 3) Identify books that are shared among classrooms; and 4) Indicate the book is a donation from you to your local school or library.

Step 1: Here’s What You Need

Create your bookplates on Avery White Removable I.D. Labels for Laser and Inkjet Printers.

Step 2: Choose a Template

Click here and choose “Start Designing”.

Step 3: Personalize

Start with one of our designs or with a blank, then add text and images.

Step 4: Print

Print your bookplate labels on Avery White Removable I.D. Labels.

Step 5: Attach to Book

Peel off each label and attach to the inside front cover of the book. With Avery White Removable I.D. Labels, your bookplates will stick, stay and remove cleanly without leaving any residue.

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