How to Throw the Best Western Party

Throw a good old-fashioned western theme party for your little cowpoke with this helpful guide. Our posse of creative minds has whipped together everything you need from invitations, decorations, party favors, and more. All of your guests will be amazed at how a handful of printable cards and labels can transform a backyard barbecue into an old west cookout.

Western party invitations

western cowboy themed party invitation card
Create rustic invites withnote cards (8315)

Round up your friends and family with these beautifully-designed invitations. Based on the classic design of a wanted poster, these invites are a great way to get your guests into an old west mood before they mosey over to your home. Avery’s Design & Print software also makes it a dream to customize this template with your own text and images.

Click here for the western party invitation template.

Western party decorations

western birthday party stetson wanted bandana cards
Note cards (8315) can also make for creative table signage

When hosting a themed party, it’s important to reinforce the theme whenever you can. Multiple decorations like wanted posters, bandanas, cacti, and cowhide napkins add up to present a unified western theme. Although your centerpieces and food will draw most of the attention, don’t forget that the devil is in the details.

Click here for the wanted poster card template.

dig in place setting utentils cowboy bandana
Combine round labels (8293) and wraparound labels (22838) for charming table settings

You can also use labels to enhance the appearance of your decorations and make them feel more distinct. For example, round labels and wraparound labels can help turn paper bags into table settings that stand out and catch people’s attention. Another benefit is that labels are easily customizable so that each one can be personalized with cute phrases or your guests’ names.

Click here for the table setting round label template.

Click here for the table-setting bandana wraparound template.

Western party food ideas

western birthday party bbq pulled pork bbq ribs
A crafty eye can turn tent cards (5302) into decorative food stands

Ribs, fried chicken, pulled pork, and all of the other savory old-fashioned home cooking of the west will be the draw for many of your guests. Although your food will be bold enough to speak for itself, the right signage and décor can help your feast look even more mouthwatering. These customizable tent cards are a great way to direct your guests’ eyes as everyone sorts through all of the dishes available.

tent card for western themed birthday party watermelon
Make homespun signage for your spread with tent cards (5302)

However, authentic country cooking can also get messy very quickly. It’s a good idea to find ways to organize your food into simple portions. For instance, you can use pop sticks with your watermelon slices to make them easier and cleaner to pick up.

Click here for the food signage template.

bbq sauce squeeze bottles condiments for western party
Make quick labels for sauce bottles with these glossy oval labels (22820)

It wouldn’t be a barbecue without BBQ sauce. Store all of the various flavors into squeeze bottles to make it easier on your guests and yourself. Clear squeeze bottles make it simple to see when bottles need to be refilled and are easier to keep track of than multiple smaller bottles. Also, it’s fun to see which flavor ends up being more popular at the end of the day!

Click here for the sauce bottle label template.

Western party favors

party favors happy trails mix for western party
Personalize your own party décor and favors with scallop round labels (8218)

Give your guests something to remember with these cowboy party favors. You can give out prizes like lollipops as rewards for games or as snacks for each guest. Gifts like bandanas and sheriff badges are also a quick way to give everyone a fast costume for the occasion that matches your party’s color scheme.

Appointment Cards optometrist salon doctor planner
Printable tags (22802) are the perfect finishing touch for party favors

Before your guests ride off into the sunset, make sure everybody walks away with a tasty snack and a sweet thank you note. Printable tags are a great way to wrap up bags of snacks and leave behind thoughtful messages. Other great old west snacks include dried slices of fruit, beef jerky, and caramel apples.

If you need a little help printing these labels, cards, and tags you can have our team of professionals print and ship these tags to you with our WePrint printing service. Our expert printers can make sure your designs are perfectly aligned.

Click here for the scallop label template.

Click here for the party favor tag template.

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1-1/2″ Round Labels (8293)

7-17/20″ x 1-3/4″ Wraparound Labels (22838)

2″ x 3-1/2″ Printable Tags with Strings (22802)

2-1/2″ Scallop Round Labels (8218)