How to Create DIY Vinyl Record Dividers with Ultra Tabs®

I don’t know about you, but I love playing records. My record collection has grown significantly in the last few years (I blame that irresistible $1 record sale) and I really needed a way to organize everything alphabetically for easy listening (pun intended). After some research, I was shocked at how incredibly expensive record dividers are! So after weighing my options, I did what I was trained to do: I made them myself! 

Supplies for custom record dividers:


Paint your 26 dividers with each letter of the alphabet! Set aside to dry. 

Once your paint is dry, write each letter of the alphabet on your ultra tabs and add them to your dividers in order. 

Organize your record collection and enjoy! 

The average record divider sets are around $100, so I saved over $50 using the plexiglass and Ultra Tabs instead and they are now unique to me! You could save even more if you opt to use cheaper dividers like poster board and cut them yourself. Get creative, have fun with the designs, and tag us (@Avery) to show how your project turned out.

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    1. Thanks for the tip P.B. I’m sure our readers will appreciate that great idea! And an inexpensive way to organize.

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