Personal Dividers

Beautiful patterns and unique designs that let your personality shine through. Ideal for use at school or at home for school subject binders, scrapbooking, class projects, recipe binders and more.

Organize your life in your own way with Avery dividers. Whether you need your binders to look sharp for a meeting or if you want to declutter your documents, Avery dividers provide a simple way to sort any project. Choose from a wide range of materials, designs and tabs to find the perfect dividers for school, work or home.

Looking for something efficient that still looks sharp? Try one of our professional dividers that include unique time-saving features that make it easy to create dividers quickly without sacrificing an inch of quality. Index Maker dividers allow you to apply all of your divider labels with a single strip so that you don't have to apply labels on each tab. Or just fill out a single table of contents page with Ready Index dividers that instantly pair with preprinted, color-coded tabs.

If you work with legal documents or large quantities of files, pick one of our many options for legal dividers with an incredible number of specialized and numbered tabs. You can even avoid divider inserts and labels altogether with Print-On dividers that can be fed through your printer directly.

But you can also let your personality shine through with personal dividers that include a fresh mix of brilliant designs as well as options for easy customization. Avery fashion dividers instantly stand out from the crowd with bold colorways and patterns. Or create your own tabs in your own singular style with Write-On dividers, insertable dividers and Clear Easy View dividers that give you options to personalize tabs and pages.

Whether you're in the office, at home or at school, there is a set of Avery dividers that will let your organize in your own way.