6 Product Packaging Trends

2021 packaging trends

Check out the latest looks in custom packaging

Deciding on the packaging and labeling for your new product is a big step. Your brand identity – the color, design, and logo – is what identifies and distinguishes your products from others. So whether you’re just starting a business or you’re looking to update or refresh your packaging design, we’ve put together a list of 6 packaging trends for 2021 that are catching consumers’ eyes.

From bottles and cans to boxes and bags, the custom packaging design trends featured below are bright, fun, luxurious, and interesting. Look for sustainable packaging, pops of color, cool graphics, sleek blacks, and shiny metallics to lead the way this year.

1. Sustainability

Sustainable packaging is the hottest trend in 2021

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscience and have shown they are willing to pay a little more to shop more responsibly. This movement plays a large part in packaging trends for 2021. Key things customers are looking for are reusable materials or low eco-impact packaging materials. Sustainable product packaging is simplistic, rustic, and organic. It allows brands to add a touch of character and charisma to their packaging and labels.

2. Bold Colors

Use bold bright colors on packaging t o call attention to the brand.

Continuing a tried and true trend, using bright vibrant colors can create eye-catching packaging. This can be done with trendy patterns, vibrant color blocking, or classic graphics and illustrations. Bold colors can include color variety, bright color, or a lot of a single color. In previous years, where other assets in a design would be toned down, go all out, be loud and proud. Check out 3 Smart Ways to Use Color on your packaging for more help.

3. A Touch Of Nostalgia

Try the popular vintage style branding for your custom packaging

Vintage-inspired packaging has been popular for a while but 2021 promises to push this trend to the next level. Focus on the authenticity of the vintage touch, not just on your labels and printing but the actual product should also add to the vintage look. Your packaging containers such as bottles, boxes, and compacts should also contribute to the overall branding. We’ve seen the mid-century modern design for years now, so try and push back even farther in time for a really unique look.

4. Let’s Get Graphic

Graphics and illustrations are another popular custom packaging design

Designs that incorporate illustrations or graphics are becoming more and more popular. Using whimsical designs that tell a story on your packaging can guarantee memorability and evoke emotional responses. Make sure to incorporate the theme in all parts of your branding and packaging. It will not only give your product personality and character but it will also make it very distinguishable from your competitors.

5. Keep It Mint in Metals

try using metallic labels and accents on your packaging

This year we will see a rise in the use of metallics and foils in packaging. Using metallics easily pushes designs into a luxury aesthetic. Whether you choose foil packaging and metallic labels or small accents of spot varnish, they all can provide impact. Spot varnish allows you to add small metallic elements to labels and packaging to highlight specific parts of your products, and it’s more affordable than full foil or metallic packaging.

6. New Noir

Black product labels and packaging are very popular this year

You can never go wrong with classic black. It’s another timeless aesthetic that is gaining momentum in 2021. With different printing methods becoming readily available and affordable, there are new ways to play with black. You can create textures using techniques like embossing, spot varnish, and white ink instead of traditional print to form your message. It’s also versatile, complementing any style from minimalism and modern to vintage and maximalist.

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