Shipping and Mailing Solutions

  • High quality labels that stick and stay
  • Make shipping easier with enhanced product features
  • A wide variety of label shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Customize labels with Avery Design & Print Online

Product Features

Ultrahold ™

Ultrahold adhesive sticks and stays on flexible packaging, boxes and more.

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True Block™

Blocks everything underneath so you can reuse your shipping containers.

SureFeed® Technology

Designed for a reliable feed and a perfect print every time.

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With a pop-up edge, peeling and applying labels just got easier!

What our customers are saying

No smudging or fading

"Worked like a charm. Needed them for a different reason but needed to use out doors and so far three rain storms later and still no smudging or fading."

- Oliver R

Prints well, sticks well

"Great product! Prints well, sticks well, the whole package! I couldn't be happier. Thank you!"

- Guifeng Q.

This is a great option

" If you're re-using boxes with shipping stickers that are difficult to peel off, this is a great option. You simply place one of these stickers over the hard-to-remove shipping stickers and suddenly they disappear into a sea of brown."

- Jamie Y.

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Let's find the right label


UPS Labels®: 5160, 5127, 8126, 8127

USPS® Labels: 5160, 5127, 8126, 8127

FedEx® Labels: 5160, 5127, 8126, 8127

Online Marketplaces

Amazon® FBA: 5160, 8160

ShipStation®: 5126, 5127, 5163® Labels: 5160, 5163, 8160, 8163

Etsy® Labels: 8126, 5126

Ebay® Labels: 8126, 5126

Mailing and Shipping Partners

Whether you've got one package or several, you'll find a solution compatible with Avery Labels with these partners.

Your Shipping Resource Center

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Mailing and Shipping Solutions by Avery

Avery is your resource for all your mailing and shipping label needs — both domestically and internationally! From high-quality labels and industry-leading materials to expert advice, we're here to help ensure the safest delivery of your packages and parcels. Choose from a wide selection of label sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and finishes. Avery products feature Sure Feed technology, which helps prevent printer jams using a unique strip that guides your labels through, saving you time and money. Reusing boxes for shipments? TrueBlock covers all your old labels, so you can send your packages across the world, worry-free. And, whether you are using a cardboard box, paper envelopes, bubble wrap envelopes, or even Styrofoam, UltraHold Adhesive will keep your labels in place on any surface. And, whether you are using a cardboard box, paper envelopes, bubble wrap envelopes, or even Styrofoam, UltraHold Adhesive will ensure your label sticks and stays, so your package gets to where it needs to go.