You’ve Been Booed!

Ready to pull some Halloween hijinks? Play “You’ve Been Booed!” All you do is sneak up to the doorstep (or at work, the office door) of an unsuspecting friend, anonymously leave a treat and this door hanger, and skedaddle. Will your target figure out who mischievously left the treat, or be left baffled? The fun continues when they pay it forward to others. The door hanger template is designed for Avery Door Hangers with Tear-Away Cards, and also includes instructions on how to play.

Step 1: Open door hanger template

Click to open the door hanger template in Avery Design & Print Online. This free software program at is available anywhere you have internet access. No download required!

Step 2: Personalize your door hanger with detachable cards

The door hanger template includes the top portion to hang on the door knob, plus two detachable cards which you can personalize with your own spooky message.

Design: Keep the current design, or create your own. To change the design, just click and delete the existing graphic or background you want to change, then use the image options on the left of the screen to add a new graphic from the image gallery or your own files.

Text: Click the text box to enter your text. To add a new text box, click the New Text button from the Text menu on the left. Move your text boxes by clicking on the edge of the box and dragging it to just the right spot.

Use the sheet navigator on the right-hand side and choose Edit All to make changes to all your cards, such as the text style and size. To apply a different design and/or text to individual door hanger, choose Edit One and click on the door hanger you want to edit.

Step 3: Preview and print

Click Preview & Print to review your design. To make adjustments, just click the Back button. When you’re ready, just click the green Print button to open the file. Your door hangers are ready to be printed.

Step 4: Make treat bags

How will you decorate your treats? Click to open the template of your choice in Avery Design & Print Online.

Attach the tag to a bag full of goodies, or decorate a jar or other container with a festive label

Step 5: Detach the Halloween message

Separate the two cards attached to the door hanger and include one card with each of your treat bags.

Step 6: Time to Boo!

Creep up to both of your unsuspecting targets’ doors, leave a treat bag for each, and hang the door hangers. Make sure you aren’t seen—and let the mayhem begin!

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